I have plenty of young sex stories that paved my way into a life of sex work.

Young sex stories that gave me a juicy taste for age play phone sex. When I was younger, I would always play with barbies. My favorite was the Bratz dolls because they were little, like me. And they got to wear heavy make-up. I would always play naughty games with my barbies, and I would drag my resistant friends into them too. Games where one Barbie was the “Doctor” and the other was a patient made up many of my young sex stories. The Doctor barbie would always, to my friends’ shock, touch the patients’ parts. These parts were a fixation of mine.

One day, I was playing this interactive game on my dads’ laptop, and I accidentally stumbled upon his history. I was searching something with the word red in it, and accidentally clicked on a suggestion. This was a pornographic site; It was like nothing I had ever seen. So many parts! And so much touching of parts! It made my insides tingle.

I discretely clicked on a featured video of a girl putting her fingers in and out of another girl.

This was exactly what I had thought about! I was finally branded with the graphic mental information that my barbies’ parts could never provide! Immediately closed the browser out of fear that I would get caught.It was time to apply the information that I had just acquired. Closing the bedroom door, I pulled out my Bratz dolls. I laid one flat on her back with her legs splayed as far as they would go. The other, I had sat between the first doll’s legs, touching her parts. Mimicking that push and pull of fingers, like the image branded in my head of that girl’s fingers INSIDE of the other girl’s parts. Her fingers, STRETCHING that girl’s HOLE open. I could feel that image between my legs but didn’t know what to do about it.

To my horror, my dad had been standing in the doorway, staring at what I was doing. One rule we always had in my house was No locks on the doors. I thought I was big, big trouble. Then, my dad told me that he did it too. He brought in a hand mirror from the bathroom and told me to take my panties off. He had me lay angled on my bed and held the mirror angled in between my legs, with his left hand. I could see my own Hole! He touched right above and told me that was my clit. He had me move it side to side while he pushed his fingers in and out of me. That tingling grew more and more…..like the deepest of pressures.

Will you make me cum daddy? Will you put other things in my sweet holes? Call me for some more young sex stories!

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