For one of my babysitter sex stories, I seduced the dad of the two kiddos that I watched.

Babysitter sex stories are some of my favorite memories just like this one. The father I sat for had just gotten divorced. I knew that his wife wasn’t coming home and the kids were just with him for the next three days. He seemed so lonely! His eyes were always on my ass and tits! And he was so shy! Shy guys are so much fun to tease!

He was wrapped around my little finger and I knew that he would do whatever I told him to if I batted my eyelashes. Nothing turns me on more than making guys feel desperate for me. He came home and the kids were asleep with their teeth brushed and their pjs on, because I’m a kick-ass babysitter. Of course, He complimented me on my outfit and my skills with the kids, as usual. We went into the kitchen to have him write me a check.

I was such a temptress in my young sex stories. I made a point of backing him into the kitchen counter with my intense stare and comfortability with limited personal space. Reaching behind him to grab my bag off the counter, I made sure my tits brushed him in the slightest way. I stayed there, inches from his face as I slid my bag over my shoulder. He looked soo nervous.

I stood on my tippy-toes and kissed him right under the jaw. He just froze! I nibbled his lip and stared up at him, batting my eyelashes. I wanted him to beg for it. Shifting back onto my heel and turning to leave, I just smiled manipulatively. He touched my arm and told me to wait. That was all the begging I needed.

I walked over and hopped up on the counter, spreading my legs in my short little skirt so that he could see my panties.

Grabbing him by the belt loops, I pulled him between my legs. I reached down and grabbed his boner under his pants while he kissed me. Undoing his button and zipper, I yanked his pants and underwear down in one motion. He slid his hand into my wet panties and pushed a finger inside me while rubbing my clit with his thumb. I pulled his cock out and slid down my panties. He pushed between my legs and into my tight little pussy. When he pulled out, he came all over my stomach and belly button piercing. He paid me twice what was owed. He’ll probably tell all his friends at work his babysitter sex stories. If you love ageplay phone sex, check out some of my other blogs.

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