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I was quite the spitfire, so I incited many young sex stories as well. One of these stories started with me choosing to stay after class so that I could improve my grade. I asked if I could see him after our class and I brought him my test that he had given me a C on. Backing him into the desk I told him that I felt that C was very undeserved. I began to unbutton my shirt while he protested.

He begged me not to go any further because he couldn’t resist. No one has ever told me no with teen sex.  I grabbed his hands and put them on my tits. I looked at him and told him that he was going to do exactly what I said from then on. Grabbing him by the cock, underneath his pants, I told him that he was going to bump my grade up to an A and that there would be no further discussion on the matter. When he protested again, I pressed my pussy up against his cock and bit his lip.

I clicked on the screen of his computer and told him to change my grade or I would leave his boner all sad and sore.

He changed it and I threatened to blackmail him if he changed it back. I knelt in front of him and started furiously rubbing his cock. Opening my mouth, I showed him my tongue. I started to suck his cock like I was about to vacuum pull every drop of cum out of his cock. I stopped and told him that if he wanted me to finish, he had to change the grade of a girl I hated.

Kailey was a stupid bitch who crossed me way too many times. I told him to drop her grade from an A to a D. Her parents would totally flip on her.  My teacher changed it without a question. After that, I made him cum hard. I got dressed and told him that if I saw her grade improve, he could forget about fucking me, even though I would tell everyone that he did. Imagine what a handful I will be as a college girl! Want some humiliation phonesex? Read more of my blogs!

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