Being a college girl isn’t so easy.

When you are a freshman college girl rushing for a sorority, you get subjected to a fair amount of hazing. At the beginning of this year, I decided to rush for a sorority. They looked so cool! Everything matched! Those cute pink shirts and white short-shorts! They all went to the gym together, partied together, did each other’s nails, went clubbing together and had secret meetings! They even got an in-house cook!

I wanted in on it. One night all of the pledges and I were asleep and the sisters came in, waking us all up with buckets of ice water. They took us into the basement and they made us take all of our clothes off. After each one of us received our routine of ten spanks each, we were lined up one by one. Our sisters then blindfolded us and told us that we each were going to get a turn getting fucked by big Earl (the giant sorority dildo). Add that to my list of crazy sex stories!

Half of the sisters held us down, while the others watched. Two of the sisters caked the dildo in coconut oil and forced it into the first girl. She screamed and whimpered as they worked it in. Once it was in, they fucked her with it twenty times. Then they moved on to the next girl. I was next after her. Oil splashed all over my ass. I felt the thick tip press against my hole and slowly force through.

Inch by inch it squeezed into my pussy, stretching it as far as it could go.

My pussy felt like it was going to tear open. They shoved it in again and again until I couldn’t even count anymore. I just tried not to scream. They finally pulled it out and moved on to the next girl. This was wilder than my babysitter sex stories! Looking for some ageplay phonesex? Read more of my blogs!

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