Oh boy, do I have a first time sex story for you! (Especially if you like taboo phone sex)

My first orgasm was my own doing. This first time sex story is about learning how to masturbate. When I was smaller, I thought my mom was the coolest. I would always go through her closet. She had so much make-up and so many lotions. Her bathroom cabinet was filled with many other feminine delights. Hair products, pills, and other fun things like Vaseline were the best to play with. I would sneak her clothes and wear her blush.

I never really paid much attention to her nightstand, and I’m not sure why. That’s where the delights were. One day I was going through her things, and sneaking one of her expensive lotions when I noticed a bottle of K-Y water-based lubricant on her nightstand. I wasn’t sure what this was at first, but surely it had to be a great treat. I looked at it and then read the back. Apply to your intimate areas? That must be that place that my parents told me not to let anyone touch.

I immediately went through the three drawers of this nightstand. The first was boring and included water, eye drops, and tissues. The second was empty, to my disappointment. But the third, oh the third. It had what I was sure were sex toys! My crazy uptight mother had vibrators! The idea made those intimate parts clench from the inside. Maybe…Could I put one in? The thought made me feel so naughty, but the naughty feeling made my insides clench more.

I picked up one that caught my eye. It was an un-bloomed rose. The bottom was a handle, and out of it came a bendable stem. At the top was the rosebud. It was super thick where it attached and then grew into more of a tip. It looked like a soft, pink, short, upside down cone. When you clicked the bottom, the whole thing would vibrate. Now, this was not intended for penetration, but stimulation, due to the shape. I did not know this, but when I found out, I didn’t really care.

If my mom used this, so could I. So, I started my voyage of self-discovery!

I pulled up a chair in front of my full-body mirror, pulled my panties down and spread my legs.I turned the vibration on and, placed the tip in. I started working it in until I relaxed wide enough to make it to the base. This was with my left hand, my right was rubbing circles right above my clit. As I started to go faster above my clit, I realized that I was slowly able to start moving the vibrator in and out with ease. To my surprise, I felt the tingles building! I watched in the mirror as my opening started to squeeze over the vibrator. My insides exploded! Fire-works spread over the surface of my pussy!

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