Nail Fetish Goes Skin Deep During Hot Lovemaking!

When you think of a sexy nail fetish, what comes to mind?  A quick scratching or long teasing strokes down the flesh makes for a great visual during hot phone sex.  Both painful and arousing at the same time can sometimes cause you or your partner heightened passion.

I just returned from an adult-only cruise.  I had so many wonderful adventures there.  We went with other friends with a sexy open mind.  There were so many adult chat nights around the pool and in our staterooms.  My husband and I went to one of the bars for a cold beverage.  Our plan was to have as much hot fun as possible.  The drinks were good and the music was pumping.   One of my favorite jams came on so I went to the dance floor to strut my stuff.  My husband watched knowing full well when I started to dance I wouldn’t be alone for long.

A beautiful ebony girl approached me.  She had beautiful skin and long flowing black hair.  Her mini skirt clung to her curvy figure.  She asked if I would like to dance.  She swung me around the floor.  Her body pressed into me.  Her breath blew near my neck sending shivers down my spine.  As she held me near I could feel her nails in my back.  Her nails started stroking my shoulders and back lightly at first with intention and purpose.

This motion of her nails across my flesh made my pussy tingle with anticipation.

I started picturing myself on the bed with her long nails caressing my shoulders and breasts down to my thighs.  If this was a nail fetish, I wanted to know more.  She casually asked me what I was doing later.  We exchanged room numbers.  She walked away with a promise of a visit.  Feeling hot and a little let down at being teased, I told my husband i wanted to go to our stateroom.

Once there, I headed for the balcony to cool off.  My husband joined me. As we kissed I could hear the waves crashing excitedly against the ship.  I could feel my husband’s lips across my neck.  As he slowly stripped me, I told him of the girl with the long nails and sexy ebony skin.  As his lips caressed my flesh and licked their way to paradise my nails started caressing his shoulders.  I screamed in a sexual climax thinking of her body pressed to mine.

As my husband entered me with his hardness, my nails dug playfully into his back.  His thrust met my urgency as my legs wrapped around him.  He screamed in pain and pleasure as my nails clung to his back.  Every inch of his dick hit my pussy like a sweet assault.  My juices coated his shaft.  Just then, I thought I heard someone at the door.  As my husband turned I could see the marks that our passion had left on his back and ass.  I wanted to explore this newfound nail fetish further and deeper.

Did that quickie make your flesh hot?  Are you ready to pick your sinful fetish phone sex?

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