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Asian sex stories, a topic of mystical wonder with an enchanting mistress who will give you unforgettable hot sex and cater to a man’s ultimate wishes and wants.  The mystery was often discussed on phone sex lines.  Many of my guy friends loved beautiful Asian girls.  It was their skin, their beautiful almond eyes, and their bodies that could turn any man on.

I’ve heard some amazing experiences from friends and while at phone sex kingdom.  One of my guy friends recently told me about one of his business trips to Japan.  He worked long hours and was often very stressed.  I thought this trip would be a great opportunity for him to relax.  He told me ruefully it was mostly business but he promised he would try to enjoy himself.  He would take my advice to heart.  When he came back, he had this glow on his face like he experienced the best food or seen something amazing.  Honestly, I think it was the chase at being able to obtain a beautiful Asian lady or perhaps the fact they are so beautifully exotic.  

My friend claimed he had in fact experienced paradise itself.  At first, this business trip was more work than play and very stressful.  After a particularly hard day and many meetings, my friend Wayne stopped off at a little restaurant for dinner.  My friend Wayne got into a discussion with the owner and they became quite friendly.  She found out that he was very stressed and lonely.  The lady told Wayne she could match him with a pretty girl to show him the city and fill those lonely nights.

Naturally, my friend was very skeptical but said he would give her a try.

The next night he was relaxing in his hotel room.  He had almost forgotten about the previous evening’s conversation with the restaurant owner.  Suddenly, there came a knock at the door. A very pretty shy-looking girl stood in front of Wayne.  His breath caught for a moment as he sized her up.  She couldn’t have been any higher than five feet or weighed over a buck.  Her silky black hair fell over her shoulders.  She had delicate pretty features.  He fell in love (or lust) when he saw her.

Wayne invited her in.  Her name was Lin.  She was very polite.  Wayne ordered dinner to be brought to his room.  While they waited they had wonderful conversation and learned a little about his mysterious guest.  Lin was only 20 a student.  They put on some music and she got up and started to dance.  He loved how charming she was, how graceful her body moved to the music.  Wayne couldn’t take his eyes off her beautiful body.

I know my friend was quite taken with her!  He leaned in to kiss her soft delicate lips.  Their lips met in a gentle tentative kiss.  Lin pulled back shyly.  Then dinner came.  He had the staff set the table.  Lin came back into the room wearing a very small red dress and soft slippers.  The red strap was loose on her shoulders.  Her long hair was pulled back with a soft ribbon.  There was an assortment of hot and cold dishes.  One of them was sushi.  Wayne had never eaten sushi.  She coaxed him to try it.

By this time he was more interested in getting to know her better.

She backed away slowly teasing him stripping her red dress away.  She teased him and said he would have to try the sushi to see more of her.  Then she took a piece of fish and placed the delicacy on her shoulders.  She lowered her strap to reveal her breast.  He tenderly ate the sushi from her breasts, her tummy, and her thighs.  He couldn’t take it any longer and begged to have her.  She lovingly acquiesced.

He gently carried Lin to his bed and placed her on top of the soft sheets.  Then he again started his descent down her body enjoying each moment.  She encouraged his lips and gently guided his head to places of great enjoyment.  She pleaded for his kisses. His tongue across her hard nipples, to glide down her belly to her mound.  She screamed out as he found her very wet moist pussy.  He lapped and teased her clit.  Her legs squeezed his head as she came to her climax.  She tasted so sweet and juicy.

Lin dimmed the lamp.  The room glowed soft amber.  Wayne was so horny but something about Lin compelled him to hold back and treat her special.  He would do anything to serve her.  Lin was putting a spell on him that didn’t require anything other than her shyly asking for more, please.  He wanted to show her a good time and give her an unforgettable experience.  I know this Asian sex stories was very unusual, especially for Wayne who was used to taking whatever he wanted.  As he made his way up to Lin you could see the apparent lust in his brown eyes.  He asked how he could serve her.  Lin smiled and turned turned off the lights and pulled down the soft sheets.

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