Did you know that you are your safest sex partner? According to the New York Health Department, they’re suggesting and in fact encouraging masturbation in the time of COVID-19. People who are staying home right now are helping to flatten the curve, but it can make sex difficult, especially if you’re in quarantine by yourself. Do you know what helps correct that situation? A quick order placed to Amazon and you’re well on your way to sex machine squirt heaven!

The parameters of my search

Partners aren’t exactly in plentiful supply right now. And I haven’t stopped being horny as fuck! Since the New York Health Department recommends it, I’ve taken a deep dive into acquiring some new playthings.

I think of myself as a bit of a sex toy connoisseur. There are vibrators, dildos, wands and more in my collection. If the mood is just right, and I’ve “warmed up” enough to it, I love to squirt on a thick, curved toy buried inside my cunt. When I set out to find a new toy to fill my insatiable need, I had very specific parameters:

  • It had to be a toy I never owned before
  • I had to be able to operate it by myself
  • It needed to plug in or at least be USB chargeable. Running out of batteries is literally the worst when you’re chasing an orgasm!
  • I wanted to experience a handless sex machine squirt

Who knew they had so many kinds?

With those four things in mind, I started my quest for the toy that would give me the best sex machine squirt of my life. I had no idea there were so many kinds to choose from! All the ones I found begin with a base and some kind of angling arm. There are usually knobs that handle angle manipulation. Since no one device is “one size fits all,” it’d need to be adjusted to my height and how deep I wanted it to go. Finally, there there is some kind of motor that handles the thrust of an attachment.

The attachments are really where things get interesting! Most are cock-shaped, and rightly so. That size and shape are what most people are used to fucking or sucking. The variety of attachments is incredible, though. Here are just a few differences that I found:

  • Automatic water injection
  • Constant temperature heating
  • Telescopic rotation
  • Vibration “creep”
  • Wired or wireless
  • “Real feel” or smooth
  • Suction cup or hand tightened

The Setup

The silky feel of real cum inside me can’t be compared with water. I just plain don’t trust batteries (I’ve had too many ruined orgasms because of them) so I chose a wired unit with constant temperature heating.

Once my new little friend arrived in an Amazon box, I set it up in the bathroom. I knew it’d be messy once I actually felt the sensation of getting fucked again! Attaching the massager, I laid back and actually tried it on my sexy foot arches first. It felt incredible!

I had a friend in school who knew how to apply just the right pressure when he’d massage my bare feet; it’d make my eyes roll into the back of my head. Is it possible to cum from a foot massage? I think it is.  It felt so good I knew I had to get my clothes off and give it a real shot.

I got greedy and got down on all fours in front of that machine. Before I turned it on, I backed up onto the vibrating cock and moaned when it filled up my tight pussy. Then I flicked on the switch and it began the thrusting. I saw stars almost immediately.

Sex Machine Squirt

It didn’t take but a moment before I started whimpering like a whore. The cock was warm, almost like a real man. It didn’t let up fucking me deeper and faster than I ever thought possible. The vibrations deep inside my cunt made my insides tighten up so hard. I barely had time to reach down and rub my clit before I was cursing and squirting all over that thing. And I can’t wait to give it another try tonight!

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