I was at the doctor’s office a few weeks ago and I couldn’t help but notice how hot my doctor was. He was alarmingly attractive. I had no idea he had such a naughty kink when I walked in. By the end of my appointment, we’d both learned I was the foot fetish expert of his dreams.

Dr. Fields has been my dermatologist for years. I’ve seen him since I was a pre-teen so I expected he’d be in the office when I visited last time. It turns out he’d retired over Christmas and was replaced by a new, sexy doctor, and he was fresh out of college. I couldn’t believe my eyes when Dr. Marsh came in. He was tall and blonde; his eyes flashed the prettiest blue when he smiled at me.

“Go ahead and get undressed for me.”

I almost fainted. He was going to throw me over the examination table and fuck me right there. He touched my knee and my pussy tightened when he rubbed his thumb against my thigh. My eyes dilated and I breathed hard, feeling his strong hand touching my leg.

“You don’t need to be nervous,” he said soothingly while he squeezed my knee.

“I’m not nervous.” I swallowed hard; my throat felt incredibly dry even though my panties were soaked. Could he tell how turned on I was being that close to him? It’s not as though it was my first time having sex. But I’d never been fucked in a doctor’s office by such a hot doctor. Why was it so hard to breathe?

“Why don’t you put your clothes in that chair and I’ll be back in a moment,” he instructed.

Biting my bottom lip, I started to unbutton my top. “You don’t have to leave. Why don’t you help me?”

His smile dropped when I lifted off my top, showing him the lacy bra I’d put on that morning. Sliding down off of the table, I stood between his knees and unzipped my skirt. His lips parted and his eyes went wide.

I felt so good, watching the front of his pants lifting as his erection grew. I love the sensation of making men go all quiet and needy. He remained speechless as I stripped down to my bra, matching panties, and heels.

“Well? Aren’t you going to touch me?” I teased, putting my hands on my hips. Looking me up and down, he paused a long time when he finally came to my feet.

“Touch you?” he repeated, still wide-eyed. “After you put on your gown, y-yes.”

Gown. GOWN? I was mortified.

He wasn’t asking me to strip for him because he wanted to fuck me. He wanted me to change into the hospital gown so he could examine me!

Scrambling for the gown folded over the table, I threw it on and sat down. My cheeks turned the brightest shade of red – I just knew it.

My cheeks burned with embarrassment and it took a long moment for me to glance up at him. He was still looking at my feet and it confused me. Shouldn’t he have laughed me out of his office by now?

“Dr. Marsh? Is there something wrong… with my feet?”

He licked over his lip and shook his head, while reaching out for my heels. “They’re perfect. I think I need to have a closer look, though.”

That’s when I recognized the look in his eyes, paired with his hard cock straining in his suit pants. He had a foot fetish. And he was in good hands with a foot fetish expert.

Foot Fetish Expert

“You may slide off my heels,” I purred, gaining control of my embarrassment. He followed directions; his hand slid under my heel and he slipped my heels off carefully. Taking my right foot in his hands, he thumbed inside my high arch and slid his fingers between my spread toes. I cooed and lifted my other soft foot right up to his face.

“Do you want to taste?” He nodded emphatically and opened his mouth, slipping his tongue along the sole of my foot.

He groaned when I ran my other foot along the front of his pants. It only took a moment for him to slide his zipper down. After he pulled his cock out, I ran my toes up and down his shaft. While I stroked him, he sucked and licked the sweat from between my toes.

He lifted his hips into my wiggly toes and the pre-cum dripped from his cock. As a foot fetish expert, I knew he was close.

“I’m going to countdown from 10,” I instructed, taking my foot from his mouth. Closing my feet around his cock, I let him thrust between my two arches.

After I gave him a cum countdown, his cock twitched and he exploded hot cum all over my feet. Suddenly, he was the one blushing. And I couldn’t help but grin.

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