Times sure are strange right now. In these days of self-isolation, social distancing and quarantines, it’s still important to remember to look after yourself. Sex has always been a great way to unwind and an edging JOI cum countdown might be just what you need right now!

The Science Says…

According to a recent article in The Advocate titled “Can Masturbation Help Prevent COVID-19?” they cited a 2004 article stating that masturbation can bolster your immune system: “A 2004 study conducted by the Department of Medical Psychology, University Clinic of Essen, in Essen, Germany, ‘investigated the effects of masturbation-induced orgasm on lymphocyte circulation and cytokine production in healthy young males.'”

In good news for single men everywhere, researchers discovered their test subjects had higher white blood cell counts 45 minutes after they had masturbated to orgasm. White blood cells are a key component of the immune system’s defenses against disease and foreign invaders.

Of course, masturbation, including an edging JOI cum countdown, isn’t the only way to keep healthy but rather one item in your arsenal of immunity protection: “consider adding frequent masturbation to your daily health and exercise regimen.”

Besides making you more relaxed, these studies indicate it might also boost your immune system and lower your risk of prostate cancer.

Further research presented here suggests that frequent orgasms, including those obtained by edging JOI cum countdown, can be a powerful immune system booster:

Orgasms release the chemical DHEA, which helps balance your immune system, promotes bone health, and assists in repairing tissues.

Chemicals released during orgasm may also help you eat more healthfully:

According to some research, sex activates the production of phenetylamine, a natural amphetamine that aids in regulating your appetite.

Edging JOI Cum Countdown

So after all of this good news, what exactly IS an edging JOI cum countdown? It’s a fun way to get off in a specific amount of time. Edging is a delicious build-up of stroking yourself just the way I tell you to. I’ll ask you to take your cock in your hand and stroke yourself, applying pressure and speed that will drive you crazy. Then you’ll be told to explain how good it feels.

One of the hottest things on the planet to me is listening to a big cock getting jerked off and I want to hear it! Moan, groan and beg for me to let you come. But since you agreed to these Jerk Off Instructions, you’ll have to do as I say. I plan to lead you right up to the edge of orgasm over and over.

Squeezing down at the base of your dick usually helps slow things down if you get too close too soon. I may suggest you think of my small, soft hand squeezing your cock as you breathe and relax. Once you’re not quite there anymore, then I’ll ask you to cup and massage those balls for me. I know how much you like them handled. They’re going to get nice and tight and full of cum. You’ll feel it in your hand – how ready you are to explode.

But you want to please me.

And I want to edge you to the ecstasy you deserve, so you’ll listen to my instructions. You’ll want to thumb over your cock head, picking up some of that slick pre-cum. I’ll definitely have you use it as lube to stroke yourself harder. Think of my tight, young pussy while your cock disappears in your fist. It looks just like that when it disappears inside my slick, needy cunt.

Three… two… one…

So what about the “countdown” part of an edging JOI cum countdown? The only time you’ll hear me start to count back from ten is when I’m ready to hear you come. And I am pretty serious about wanting to hear it. It turns me on so much when you gasp and groan. If you’re more the silent type, I may come just hearing the sound of your slick cock getting pounded furiously when it’s time to finish.

Either way, I’m going to work you up into a frenzy and when I decide it’s time, I’ll start counting. You need to either speed up or slow down your strokes so that you’ll be ready when I say “zero”. Good listening is rewarded with a release so furious, you’ll see stars. You may even say my name.

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