Satisfied Slutty Captive

I think it gives him such a great feeling of power over me when I obey him without fail. The more difficult something is for me, the more he gets off on it. And now, I do too.

Satisfied Slutty Captive

Sometimes when Julian’s had enough of my holes, he has me “practice” my skills with very large dildos while he watches.   Sometimes, if I’m lucky, he’ll use his fingers inside my pussy while I do that. He has never once broken his rule of keeping me his anal only slut, so when I feel his fingers inside me it is a rare treat.  I’m still not allowed to cum this way, so I have to be very careful not to. Most of the time I have to beg him to stop because disobeying him is unthinkable.  Even though it doesn’t seem like it, I am his satisfied slutty captive.

It’s Supposed to be Difficult

He has also kept his promise that I can cum whenever I want as long as it’s through anal.  This has proven extremely difficult and therefore I’ve only had a couple of orgasms since I’ve been here. Not surprisingly, a perpetually aching clit and a constantly dripping pussy are my reality now.  This was incredibly frustrating at first and I’m getting used to it, but it’s still very challenging. Which of course, is the whole point. It’s supposed to be difficult.   I am so glad to be his satisfied slutty captive!

It’s been a whole year since I became Julian’s satisfied slutty captive. And I’m still his forever slutty captive too. He said that we should celebrate and that he knew just what we would be doing! Of course, it was supposed to be a surprise. All I knew was that he was inviting his friends over and I would be serving them. In the perpetually horny state that Julian kept me in, I hoped that they would use me as much as they could. I wanted them to do whatever the fuck they wanted to me for as long as they wanted.

My Satisfied Slutty Captive Pussy was Wetter Than Ever

On the day of my party, Julian put a very large dildo in me and told me I would thank him for that later. This made me squirm in anticipation of being thoroughly fucked. Anally only, of course. As I waited, I got more and more excited about his friends using me. My pussy was wetter than it had ever been before. Partly because of the extreme, bordering on cruel lack of orgasms for this satisfied slutty captive over the past year. And partly because his friends were all super hot.

My celebration turned out to be nothing like any party this satisfied slutty captive had ever known, but it was perfect for the occasion. When his friends arrived, Julian told me to kneel on the floor at his feet as usual. And I was completely naked as well – also as usual. When everyone was there, Julian took off his clothes and suggested that all of his friends do the same. Being kinky and like-minded, none of them hesitated to get naked immediately. I could tell from their hard cocks that they were looking forward to this “party” as much as I was.

I Did Not Have to Wait Long

My mouth was practically watering for these 10 hard cocks and I hoped that each of them would be deep throating me soon. I did not have to wait long until Julian told me that each guy was going to be using my mouth and throat as much as they wanted until they came and I was to swallow every drop of every single load. So I knelt on the floor and gagged and drooled and satisfied every one of the cocks. I still can’t believe how much cum this satisfied slutty captive swallowed that night.

After all of them were satisfied, I noticed that Julian hadn’t let me suck his cock that was rock hard and dripping pre-cum. Before I could wonder why he ordered me onto my hands and knees on the floor and I felt him behind me with his hard cock ready to enter me. I thought he was going to fuck my ass while his audience of friends watched and my pussy dripped in anticipation. But I was stunned when I felt him slowly slide his big hard cock into my neglected pussy instead.

I Begged Him to Stop

It had been so long and I was so horny that I was on the edge of orgasm almost immediately. I begged him to stop since it was unthinkable that I would disobey him and cum without permission. But to my great relief, he told me that I was allowed to cum as much as I wanted that night and that he planned to enjoy my pussy as much as he wanted for the rest of the night. So I exploded with the most intense orgasm I’d ever had. And then another.

But way too soon he pulled out and had me back on my knees. Only then I noticed that all of Julian’s friends were hard again and stroking their cocks. They were all gathered around me and seemed very close to cumming. Julian then joined his friends and they all let loose with streams of cum that landed all over me. From my face to my hair and to my tits, the ten of them covered every inch of me with hot creamy cum.

Finally, It’s the End of this Story –

But it’s Not the End for this Satisfied Slutty Captive. After his friends left, Julian kept his promise and enjoyed my pussy for the rest of the night. I was to be his anal only slut again the next day, but that night I came until I couldn’t cum anymore.

Next up: Nothing! It’s over…go home! I really need to write some femdom stuff now!

Satisfied Slutty Captive

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