Forever Slutty Captive

forever slutty captive

There Was Really No Decision For This Forever Slutty Captive to Make

By the end of that first long weekend, I could not imagine a life where I wasn’t Julian’s plaything and personal property.  In fact, I could barely remember what it was like not to exist solely for his pleasure. Very quickly, I went from being his angry slutty captive to his forever slutty captive.  I only had one concern. I wondered if I would get bored in my new subservient role. It was actually quite the opposite, though!  

There was a daily routine, for sure.  But it seemed that everything he did was intended to keep me constantly and intensely horny.  Every day he decided what I would “wear.” It was never clothing, of course – he was true to his promise that I would be nude all the time.  I thought that he would at least allow me to cover myself when he had his friends over, but he did not. Instead, I am naked and on the floor at his feet then as I always am. No matter who he brings around. 

I imagine his friends are all kinky and it’s very normal for them. But still, I don’t know these guys and I haven’t gotten used to it yet. I’m not their forever slutt­y captive. I always wonder if he would order me to serve his friends with my mouth and my ass as I serve him. But aside from being their forever slutty captive cocktail waitress while they watch sports, I have been completely off-limits. 

He Is Still Indifferent to My Amazing Blowjob Skills

What I do wear are kinky accessories that are perfect for a forever slutty captive.  Sometimes I wear painful nipple clamps all day. When he’s feeling extra sadistic he puts weights on them and when he wants to humiliate me he adds bells to them. I almost always have a butt plug in except when he wants to fuck me, which is many times a day.  I always wear a wide collar that only he can remove, and often there is a heavy chain attached which he uses to restrain me in whatever room I’m in. 

Julian takes full advantage of his ownership of me and fucks my ass and my mouth as many times a day as he wants.  Just today he woke me up from a sound sleep by pushing his cock into my mouth. Even though I was half asleep, I eagerly opened my mouth and took his cock all the way down my throat. 

He is still indifferent to my amazing blowjob skills. Stubbornly still preferring to hold his forever slutty captive by the head, he aggressively fucks my throat. Which he will do until he releases a huge load for me to swallow, which I eagerly do like a good forever slutt­y captive.  Other times he pulls out and jacks his cock until he cums all over my face. After which, he likes to make me kneel on the floor and leave it there while he watches it drip onto my tits.  

I Nearly Always Fail

As much as he loves my mouth, he loves my tight ass just as much.  Julian got so hard watching his cum drip off of me that he ordered me onto my hands and knees with my ass in the air.  I was almost wiggling in anticipation of feeling his big hard cock inside. And he didn’t make me wait very long. He is never gentle or careful in any way when he fucks my ass.  Nor does he give me even a second to get used to his girth inside. He just shoves inside and starts fucking me nice and hard.

I try so hard to have my own orgasm while he’s pounding my tight hole but I nearly always fail. When he’s finished unloading his full balls into my ass he pulls right out. His cum trickling out of my hole joins the puddle from my dripping pussy on the floor.  He usually laughs at his forever slutt­y captive and says something sarcastic like “better luck next time!” I think it gives him an even greater feeling of power over me when I obey him in this way. The more difficult something is for me, the more he gets off on it. And now, I do too.

Next up – it’s been a whole year! Shouldn’t there be a celebration? And an end to this story?

forever slutty captive

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