Rough sex sometimes means I need a day to recover!

I love rough sex so much. Sometimes that means my poor little pussy is still sore the next day, but it just reminds me of how hot the sex was!

I had some new furniture delivered this week and, well, the delivery drivers left with more than just a nice tip. There’s no way they’ll forget coming to my house!

It hadn’t been planned, but I was really having a hard time keeping my eyes off of them, they were both so muscular. They had chocolatey brown skin. My pussy was dripping from the minute they walked in. I watched them as they brought all of my furniture in the new bookshelf, new desk, new mattress.

Once they were done, I offered them a drink to cool off before they left and we all sat down on the couch, me in between them. I was wearing a tight tank top and a pair of yoga shorts. Their eyes kept wandering up my thighs and I could see bulges beginning to grow in their pants.

I suggested they might want to hang out a bit longer, get comfortable. They agreed, then without prompting, they started to undress. I stood up and motioned for them to follow me to my room.

Naked, they both walked in, their big black cocks hard and standing straight out in front of them.

I got down on my knees and started sucking on Marcus’ cock, stroking Adam’s, then switching off. They both tasted so good! I stood up and said I needed them to fuck me. Marcus laid on the bed and I climbed on top, sliding my dripping wet pussy down on his big black cock. Adam climbed on top and put his big cock into my ass. They both pounded me hard and I came even harder. Then they switched places and did it again.

By the time they finally came, my pussy and ass were so sore and worn out from cumming that I just stayed on the bed and told them to lock up on their way out.

It’s been three days. I’m still recovering from the rough sex!


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