The Road to Glory MAINE — I had to tell someone!

“This is Raven at Phone Sex Kingdom . . . “

“Can I do a call with you about the road to glory?

“Sure, how long you wanna spend with me, honey?”

“I need at least 40 minutes to tell you about this journey . . .”

“Rachelle, spill the juicy details; what did you get yourself into this time?”

“Raven, I decided to drive across the country and find all the glory holes; coast to coast.  Are you familiar with what a glory hole is, Raven?”

“Girl, I know all about them.  You can fuck and suck or get fucked and be sucked.”

“What do candy-stripes and lobsters have in common? After this encounter, Raven, you will never wonder again!

“Last week, we started on the road to glory looking for glory holes in Maine, the pine tree state.  It might be cold there, but the place I went would melt the ice off an Eskimo’s balls.  I had the pleasure of traveling with my grandmother; yes, my freshness did not fall far from the tree.
Grandma Roberta or “BaBa,” a wild child by any standards, insisted that she accompany me.”

Where the hell are the HOLES?

“We drove around for two days asking the locals where we could go for a good “suck and fuck.”  Finally, someone told us to drive near the southeastern coast and look for the Candy-Striped Lobster.  We drove up and down Route 1, searching for any sign of a Candy Striped Lobster; a sign, a poster, a light, anything.  When we were gonna call it quits, Grandma spotted a red light down a long driveway with the shadow of a lobster.

“Grandma shouted for me to stop, causing me to put on breaks and thrust us forward!  “This might be the glory hole we have been searching for,” she explained.  I put the car in reverse and backed up to the opening on the road I had passed.  Then I turned down the driveway, creeping slowly.  At first, it was paved, then it became gravel, then dirt.  “Grandma, where are you taking us?” I asked Baba.  “We need to go back!”

“After driving at least a mile, we finally saw it!  A huge barn with lots of cars parked all around.  Just above the door was a light showing a lobster that looked like a candy cane.  “Who is supposed to see that from the road?” I say to Grandma.

“I think was meant to be hidden.  Not every road to glory is clearly paved!” Grandma whispers.  “Let’s check it out!”

The Road to Glory –Paved Red and White

“We parked the car and approached the door.  Just under the candy-striped lobster light, there was a sign –

“What is done between the stripes remains between the stripes. 

If you want your mouth, pussy, or asshole pleasured, use the red door. 

If you want your Cock and Balls pleasured, use the white door.”

I looked at Grandma, and Grandma looked at me.  “I guess the option for us is clear, the RED DOOR,” we say simultaneously!  We open the red door, and the hallway was dimly lit with red and white lights. After walking a few minutes, the lights ended, and we come to a black curtain with another lobster that looks like a candy cane. I slowly draw the curtain back, and there they were all lined up on both sides — COCKS and BALLS!  I had never seen so many ‘johnsons’ at one time.  Some schlongs were thick like coke cans, and some were skinny like pencils.  There were long shafts and stubby shafts.  Grandma BaBa grabs me by the arm, “Rachelle, we have hit the jackpot!  This is the defiantly a road to glory!  How do I choose?”

Grandma BABA takes All three – – –

“I was in awe of all the cocks that were before me, but Grandma BaBa was already plotting her plan of attack.  While I was trying to choose just one dick to service, Grandma was trying to figure out how MANY she could service at once!  “Rachelle,” Grandma yelled, “I have found them!”  There they were: a huge black cock, a big white dick, and the tally that no one would fuck, only suck (maybe)!  That’s to say that Grandma had gotten on her knees and positioned herself so she could service all three peckers!

“She started by sucking the big black cock; then she inserted that into her pussy.  She started sucking the big white dick while the black cock was banging her pussy. While doing all of that, she was stroking the little tally.  Every few minutes, Grandma would switch between fucking the white dick and riding the black cock.  Just when I thought my Grandma Baba could not be more amazing, she made all three dicks explode at the same time! Subsequently,  they gave her a string of pearls all over her face and on her chest!

“Raven? Raven? Are you there?”

“Aaahh, Rachelle, that story was hot!  Where to next?”

“We are on our way to New York!  I will call you next week!”