Real sex stories, Confession of a phone sex operator!

Real sex stories, Confession of an Erotic phone sex operator. I know you all are wondering about my real sex life, and how my job as a phone sex operator comes into play. As I’m sure those of you who have done a call with me, know just the kind of kinky slut I am and most of the time it is a kinky party. I bet you’re wondering if I’m that kinky in real life… This is one of my real sex stories. It was my date night with one of my regular boy-toys because he is so much fun to fuck! He is a tall brunette with crystal blue eyes that could melt your heart. He has a cock that could make any girls pussy dripping wet.

When I say that it was a date night I don’t mean dinner and a movie, I mean a hardcore fuck session. One thing I love about this particular boy-toy is that I can do whatever I want, and he won’t say no. So we walked into my apartment and went straight to my room, where there were chains laid out on my bed. Because He looked at me with a smile, I knew right away that he approved. I went to him pulling his shirt over his head, revealing chiseled abs underneath. Running my manicured fingernails down his chest all the way to his abs, leaving faint red lined along his skin.

Real sex stories, Of a phone sex operator.

I lowered myself to my knees in front of him, pulling down his pants and boxers. His cock popped out partially hard, ready to be sucked. I opened my mouth wrapping my lips around his massive head, sucking him into my mouth I could feel him grow harder. Then I got off of my knees and stood in front of him, giving him a kiss with the taste of him on my lips. I pushed him down on the bed chaining his hands and feet so that I was just out of reach.

Straddling him I put my hand over his mouth, guided his throbbing hard cock into my pussy riding him until I came all over his massive cock. I flipped him over, his cock still throbbing with need. Putting my strap on, on nice and snug I could tell he was becoming aroused.

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