Halloween party part 2.

Halloween costume party part 2 the continuing story. Tarzan’s tongue was down my throat caressing my tongue exploring every inch of me as if I had a unique taste and I was his favorite flavor. He pulled away star struck and full of lust the look was plain on his face, I could tell he wanted me right then and there. I looked around to see if people were watching us, but as I looked around I could see other people in there characters fucking in the very room we were all standing in the sexual tension was so high it was erotic.

I blushed as I looked around seeing other people fucking, I have to make a confession… My pussy was getting so wet. The hottest duo was a cute little blonde playboy bunny being banged from behind by a guy dressed a Dean Winchester from supernatural watching them I could feel my pussy getting wetter. Looking back at Tarzan his eyes burned with need and desire. I am not sure what struck me to just grab his hand and walk over to the bunny. Dean, I just walked right up to Dean and planted a kiss on his lips while he plowed the blonde bunny from behind. This is the best Halloween ever.

Kinky Halloween party PT2!!

Tarzan began to play with my clit while I kissed the other man. Dean pulls out of the hot blonde, lowering myself to his cock covered with her pussy juice.  The playboy bunny pulled out Tarzan’s cock while I sucked Deans cock. We made out in front of the men. Knowing it was turning them on. Taking off my panties for easy access, my slick cunt was dripping wet.  Tarzan sat on the couch bringing me with him sliding my tight ass down to his cock he took me with every inch of his huge cock. Dean came over got between our legs as I fucked Tarzan, sliding his big cock in my tight soaking wet pussy. The feel of them double penetrating me was amazing. Feeling both there cocks work in and out of me.

The hot blonde startled my face while I got fucked. I ate her pussy tongue fucking her until she quivered above me cumming all over my face.

Happy Halloween.

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