Rape the sickness away

Rape cures everything.  That’s what I learned when you fell ill last month.

“I can’t believe that, after so many weeks, you’re still sick, honey,” I say as I stand by the bedroom door.

You lay in bed, looking like you’re about to die while secretly snickering to yourself. For the past two weeks, you’ve been coddled and catered to. No demand has gone ignored. No request accused of being petty. You have gotten everything you’ve wanted.

If I stuck you in a horse race, you’d outrun all of those purebred champions. That’s how ‘sick’ you are. Well, we’ve all seen the episode in, well, EVERY single tv show out there where someone pretends to be sick and it backfires, and we learn the moral that it’s wrong to pretend to be sick and take advantage of someone. Well, here was how I dealt with your attempt at doing the same.

“I’ve hired two nurses for you, honey. They are going to take care of your while I am at work. How could I afford this? Weeeelll, to be honest, they were let go from their previous station because of accusations of sexual conduct with their patients. But they assure me that said accusations were totally unfounded due to their attractiveness. I won’t lie. They are very attractive if I do say so myself. One’s chest is so…” I trail off before remembering myself. “Anyway, I’m all about giving people a second chance, but it’s up to you sweetie. Would having them take care of you when they’ve been accused of such a thing makes you feel uncomfortable?”

Your head can’t nod hard enough.

In your mind, you’ve painted this picture of two busty hotties with a penchant for getting a little touchy-feely. You start getting hard at the thought of one climbing right on your cock to ‘help you feel better’, and immediately insist on having them.

“Wow! How thoughtful of you! I just know this will work out great!”

That night, you nut three times just thinking about those soft, sexy lips caressing your cock shaft while your face is buried in titties. However, the next day, your dick starts to cry a little as you are introduced to your nurses.

“Honey, this is Jackson and Leon. Your very own certified nurses!”

You shrink a bit beneath your covers as two of the biggest, blackest men enter your bedroom. They’re so muscular, and you wonder if they’ve done time.

“I’m heading off to work now sweetie and I might be home a bit late today also I forgot to charge my phone so you won’t be able to call me for anything so just ask Jackson or Leon okay? Okay. Bye!”

Once I’m gone, they start to show their true colors so to speak.

“We’re here to make you feel better, white boy. Let’s start by clearing that throat.”

There is no escape or refuge to flee the huge, throbbing cocks in your face, and the situation confirms that these two have DEFINITELY done time. The way they make you their bitch by forcing you to suck those thick, juicy, dominant, delicious…wait. Are you getting off on this? Are you actually enjoying the taste of those rape poles punching away at your bitch pockets?

Well…this didn’t go the way I expected.  Would you be a little cumslut in this situation?  Call my phone sex line so I can take your ass for a ride.