Shrinking boyfriend needs to prove his salt

Shrinking down to about eleven inches sure hasn’t been easy for you, huh honey?  There isn’t much you can do on your own is there?  You can’t even go back to work until they fix you, and they said they’d fix you fifty-eight inches ago.  Ever since your little transformation, I’ve had to help you with absolutely everything.  From the bathroom to eating, to bathing.  I can’t even really trust to keep you outside of the crib my sister lent to me.  I suppose we should be thankful that your shrinking seems to have slowed, but there is something else we need to discuss.

Our next door neighbor has asked to help out

He wants to do the things you can’t so that I can focus on other things.  It’s actually quite nice and relaxing to have a real man around…not that you aren’t still a man baby.  It’s just…he’s so big.  I mean he’s tall, and buff, and…capable in all the ways you aren’t.  Oh, don’t be jealous.  It’s not your fault that you’re so tiny and he’s still very much the perfect size.  You should be happy that someone can help me out, right?

How does he help me out?

Oh, you know…he reaches tall things, uses his tools where necessary plugging up leaks, and generally does what men do best.  Why?  There’s no need to be jealous.  I still love you.  I just have other needs that need tending to that our neighbor is reeaaallly good at.  What’s that?  You can still take care of me in the one way it matters?  That’s a bold statement to make, baby.  Are you sure?  Because once we start, there is no going back once we get started.  Alright, let’s try.

Time to prove yourself

You’re standing in between my legs, and you stare at my massive pussy lips.

“Ready?” I ask.

“Ready,” you answer, thinking you’ll simply give my clit a serious rubdown.

Before you realize it, my hand grabs your entire body and I shove you inside of my pussy.  I moan as your eleven-inch body twists and wiggles inside of my cunt walls.

“Mmmm yes!  You’re just about the same size as him!  Show me what you can do, baby!”

I push you in deeper and start pumping you and out hard and fast.  Maybe I shouldn’t have stuck you in headfirst but, damnit, it just feels so good!  The way you buck and fight like that!  Are you doing it for me, honey?  Or are you doing it for air?  Either way, I’m in heaven, and it won’t be that much longer.

My back arches and my orgasm makes my pussy quicker and shake so hard that you go flying with my pussy squirt.

“Oh my god!  That was amazing baby. Baby?”  I think I broke him.

Uh oh.  I don’t think my little man made it.  Would you?  Call my phone sex line and let me know.