Public Sex Stories can get so dirty

I love public sex stories, especially when it’s unexpected.  I went out for ice cream yesterday, there’s a really great stand in the park near my house. Once I had my ice cream, while I stood there licking the dripping cone, I noticed someone staring at me.

“Hello,” I called to the guy with the ice-blue eyes.  He smiled and walked over.

“Hi, sorry, I couldn’t help but stare, you look like you’re really good with your tongue.” He smirked at me and moved closer, catching an ice cream drip running down my arm with his finger and bringing it to my mouth.  I opened my mouth so he could slide his finger in and I sucked on it greedily, using my tongue to get every drop from it.

“I knew you were good with your tongue. Why don’t we find a shady spot so you can show me some more?”

Time to find a shady spot

I grabbed him by the hand and led him to a shady area surrounded by bushes.  Once we were there, I pulled his shirt off and slid my ice cream down his chest, stopping just at his belt. I followed the trail of ice cream with my tongue, licking his chest, then licking along his hard abs.

When I got to his belt, I undid it and pulled his pants down.  His big cock was hard, pressing against his underwear.  I pulled those down, too and slid my mouth over his cock.  He moaned as I moved my tongue around the tip of his cock.  I tasted his salty precum as his balls tightened and he got close.

I started to stroke his cock with my hand fast while sucking on just the tip. He grabbed my hair and pushed his cock all the way into my mouth. His balls pressed against my chin, my spit dripping, I gagged on his cock and he pulled back, letting me breathe, then slammed his cock back in.  He fucked my face until he was about to cum and then he pulled my head back and sprayed his hot load all over my face.

“So am I as good with my tongue as you thought I would be?” I asked.


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