Adult Sex Stories: Let’s do it somewhere fun!

I love adult sex stories.  The naughtier the story the better, so when I went to an “After Dark” event at the local aquarium with my friend Tyrone, I knew we had to be very naughty.

We arrived at the aquarium and it was pretty crowded, but everyone spread out and we were soon in the native fishes room all by ourselves. I decided to kneel down and take his cock out.  His cock quickly got hard in my mouth.

I stood up and pulled him over to a darker corner. We likely wouldn’t have the whole place to ourselves for THAT long! Back on my knees, I started sucking his cock some more and now he had a wall to lean against. My pussy was getting so wet just licking and sucking on his hard cock, I couldn’t take it anymore, I had to have him.

Stay still, there’s someone right over there

I stood up and pulled my short skirt up, then backed my dripping pussy onto his cock.  We moved slowly, his cock staying mostly deep inside me. I tightened my pussy around his cock, gripping and releasing it. His breathing got faster, I could tell he really wanted to pound into me, but that was when we heard people walk into the area.

We stayed still while they walked around, hoping they wouldn’t see us and as soon as they left, Tyrone spun me around and pressed me against the wall so he could pound my pussy before we were interrupted again…

I could hear my pussy juices, my pussy was so wet.  Hearing my pussy turned me on so much, I came quickly after he started fucking me so hard. He came just after I did and we stayed there. Him inside me, for a minute while we caught our breath.

Then we rejoined the crowds at the aquarium.  Who said adult sex stories can’t also have innocent fun? If you’re craving a little more naughty fun, check out these public sex stories!


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