I Was Determined To Get That Promotion

A few summers ago I was working as a secretary at a large corporate company. And there was a position opening up I wanted, but there were many other more qualified candidates than myself. So I wanted to know how I could level the playing field. I worked hard, stayed late and flirted with the executive that was needing the position filled. And I got the vibe that if I was willing to “go that extra mile” I might have a chance at the position. I got the drift of what he meant and was willing to do it. The money and benefits were well worth playing ball how he wanted.I never knew that oral sex would be a part of it.

I Knew I Could Give Him What He Wanted

Dana Loves Oral Sex

One night we were both working late, the last ones in the office . I had a feeling this might be the chance to make my move. So I went into his office and he told me to close the door. I asked if I had a chance to get the job. And he said he’d always loved a woman that really knew how to perform oral sex. I knelt down before him and reached up and unbuckled his pants and unzipped them. Then  I reached in to find a very large, very hard cock and I stroked my hand up and down its length a few times.

I Knew I Was Good At It

I then leaned forward and took the head of it in my mouth and devoured it down my throat. And I lapped at the head of it, swirling it around getting every drop of his precum up. I’ve always loved giving oral sex to a guy, I feel so empowered, and I knew I was good at it. So I wanted to do my best to nail this job down. He certainly seemed to be enjoying my oral efforts. I got a big salty load down my throat after around ten minutes. And I knew he was not going to let me go that easy, and that was just fine.

His Huge Cock Felt So Good In My Wet Cunt

I stood up and he pushed me gently over the desk. I was leaning on it with my elbows and my skirt was soon around my hips and my panties down around my ankles. And I felt the huge head of that cock making it’s way towards my sopping cunt. And it slid in easily. I gasped at its girth and loved taking it inside. I wanted to milk that cock for all I was worth so he could have the best fuck of his life and want to give me that promotion.

I’d be more than happy to please him regularly for the job being given to me. He really ploughed my cunt hard and filled me up until I had his cum dripping down my leg. He said he’d never fucked a tighter pussy and I’d been a helluva ride. I smiled, knowing I’d pleased him, and so had my pussy.

The next day at work, the promotion was announced, and I was the one that got it. The other secretaries looked at each other and then at me in disbelief. I’m not saying it’s fair they were overlooked when they had more experience than I did work wise, but my oral sex skills were apparently just too good to resist.

Sexy LiL Dana

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