Oral sex stories are always a little bit more sweet and delicious whenever something is at stake. Tonight, during our monthly poker contest it was me. After all, the last one really got the trash talk going. Then, he wanted to point out how nice my pretty little lips were looking. One thing led to another and this married man found himself betting the exchanges of oral satisfaction by this sexy phonesex babe. It made it even hotter was the fact he was married to his wife of 12 years. However, I am sure she will not mind if I happen to take him for a little more then good head.

Oral Sex Stories So Hot You Explode

So we all started playing in the garage of our host’s house. I lost and removed my top exposing my perfect tits cupped in my bra. Slowly the men lost concentration giving away their tells. Next, I had to remove my skirt. Slowly I stood up pulling the panties from my ass.  I could practically hear the flys ripping open from their pants. This continued till I was wearing nothing but my thigh high stockings and heels. As everyone dressed and left for the night I stayed behind so I could pay up.

Risky Move, With His Wife On The Way Home

However, there was no stopping him from collecting on his winnings. Down onto my knees, I went sucking up and down every last inch of him. He loved dipping his banana in this chocolate. As I slurped up and down every last inch of him my cunt wanted more. Luckily for me, he was in the giving mood. Bent over the poker table in the garage be plowed deep into my ebony cunt. The cum finish happened only as his wife’s headlights showed in the driveways.

Giving me enough time to slip out till next time.

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