I never thought I would be writing and interracial sex stories post that ended in love. One night while I was working the phone sex lines I received a call from a lonely man. After going through billing he simply wanted to talk about me. He asked me a large array of questions about everything to my favorite animal, to my favorite sexual position. It was an amazing conversation that was directed gracefully into foreplay. He was a great GFE phone sex boyfriend. Then, he sent me his photo and I realized he was a very sexy muscular white man.

Interracial Sex Stories from Black Phone Sex Babe, Camille

For weeks we kept talking back and forth. Then, one day without warning he happened to be in business near me. We wound up running into each other in the grocery store and wham! it was an instant physical attraction. The two of us left our carts and headed out the door arm in arm. Since his hotel was the closest we headed straight to his suite. I left to the bathroom to prepare myself while he made a quick call. When it was time I exited wearing a hot bra and panties set.

He sat on the edge of his bed smitten with his Ebony Queen.

We embraced in a passionate and fiery kiss. I straddled his lap and began to grind against his package. Arms wrapped around my waste he kissed all over my chest exposing my soft brown nipples. Pushing me over to my back he began to kiss and suck my cunt. I whimpered, running my fingers through his hairline. Then, he stuffed me with his throbbing hard cock till he filled me with his load. It was so hot, and perfect. Made even better by the roses he has delivered to the room. My new white boyfriend.

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