Oral Sex Stories: The Best Blow Job You Have Ever Had

My Oral Sex Stories: My mouth waters every time I think about it. I love to prove what a good cocksucking Milf I am.  Showing off my oral skills to my sexy callers gives me great pleasure. I will kneel down in front of you, unzip your pants and expose your waiting cock. Touching it with my wet tongue and lick it all over from the tip, up and down the sides of the shaft, I can feel my panties starting to get moist.

To please you and in that moment, be your cocksucking whore, only there for your ultimate pleasure. I like to salivate all over your cock to make it slippery and wet, ready for what is to come. Slowly I move it in and out of my wet and open mouth. I can feel your anticipation as I feel it getting harder. I am encouraged to take it deeper and deeper. If you have a LIpstick Fetish I will put on some glistening color and paint your cock pink or red.

 I am ready to show you my talents and just how good I am. Slowly I take your throbbing hard cock all the way into my mouth and then down my throat. I want to feel your hands in my hair and the thrust of your pelvis as you face fuck me. I will massage your balls and ass as I enjoy your hard cock.

Next, I get the ultimate reward, your thick cum in my mouth and all over my face. Call me for The Ultimate Blow Job Phone Sex Experience.

Oral Sex Stories are so hot. Will I be telling our sexy story next?

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