Do you wanna hear how I became daddy’s little cum eating princess?

I’ve been daddy’s special little cum eating princess for as long as I can remember. It all started when I heard mommy and daddy arguing one night. Mommy was going out to the club with her friends again! She liked to go out dancing and drinking. Daddy was upset because he said she never had time for him anymore. It wasn’t like he could go out with his friends either cause someone had to watch me. Then he started saying how she never had sex with him anymore either and that he was tired of jerking off.

Mommy stormed out and daddy stayed in his room. I went in to comfort him and I scooted really close to daddy on the bed. I had on a cute little pair of hello kitty sleep shorts and a matching top. Wrapping my arms around daddy to comfort him I pressed my tiny body up against his. That’s when I confessed that I had heard his fight with mommy and I wanted to help. He was hard against me but he tried to hide it.

Since mommy wouldn’t do her wifely duties and take care of daddy’s sexual needs, I would!

I told daddy how much I wanted to be his little cum eating princess. He was shocked to hear his sweet little girl offering to do such dirty things to him. As much as daddy tried to deny it though, I could see how turned on he was. His eyes started going up and down my body and his hands slid from my waist to squeeze my little bubble butt. I told him not to worry just to lean back and relax and I would do all the work. I couldn’t have my daddy all sad and horny all the time.

Daddy’s cock tasted so good in my mouth. I just loved how it stretched my mouth open so wide. The pre-cum dripping out onto my tongue tasted so good that it made me crave more. The sight of my cute little head bobbing up and down on his cock turned daddy on so much! It didn’t take long before he shot a huge sticky hot load of cum down the back of my throat. It was so hot becoming daddy’s special little cum eating princess. Thanks to daddy I have tons of yummy family sex stories.

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