My big brother’s sex life was a mess so he begged me for guided masturbation lessons.

My big brother had been having some problems with his girlfriend lately. She told me that he was a one-minute man and she was getting sick of it. I knew he had to do something fast or he was going to lose her. When I talked to him about it, he begged me to give him guided masturbation lessons. He figured that would be the only way that he could learn to improve his stamina.

At first, I didn’t want to do it because he is my brother after all. But then I thought about it, and hey he’s my brother and he needed help. So I started giving him lessons after school before our parents got home. Not wanting him jerking off to me, I put some porn on to encourage him. Once he was hard, he lubed up and I told him exactly how and where to grab his dick. I had to be very specific with the type of strokes that he was allowed to take.

It was pretty obvious that he had issues with premature ejaculation, but he improved after a few lessons.

Controlling his pace was such a huge part of it. He just got to turned on and wanted to pump away until he came. I wasn’t having that though, the whole point was to get him to last long enough to get his girlfriend off. No girl is enjoying herself if a guy gets off after just a couple of pumps. I should know, cause I am a major teen cum slut myself.

My big brother hated edging, he was practically climbing the walls. I had him stroke himself right to the edge over and over again, always demanding that he stop right before he could explode. As hard as it was for him, he quickly realized that when he was eventually allowed an orgasm, it was way more intense. Before long, he became addicted to edging, trying to last longer and longer each time.

By the time our guided masturbation lessons were complete, his girlfriend was in heaven! She was so happy and had so many orgasms that she treated me to a Mani/Pedi.

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