Lipstick Fetish: He asks me to apply fresh lipstick before I wrap my lips around his cock.

Lipstick Fetish: My boyfriend just loves to watch me as I apply my lipstick. He’s even bought me a few shades of lipstick to wear, He gets aroused watching me put in on. I like to put on a show for him and apply it slowly and sensually.

He told me that years ago he’d been to a “lipstick party”, where the guys at the party got blow jobs from the women there and they end up having all these different shades of lipstick smeared all over their cocks by the end of the night. Now he always asks me to apply fresh lipstick before I wrap my lips around his cock.

I don’t mind, I have gotten many new trendy lipsticks and I do love sucking on his big beautiful cock. He loves to look down at me as my pretty red lips glide up and down his rock hard cock. Performing Oral Sex Is one of my favorite things to do.

After he cums, he loves the way it looks smeared all over my mouth as I lick all the cum off my lips. It is so hot to turn my man on with something as simple as lipstick. He gave me a new ruby-red one last week, and when he came over, I was wearing the lipstick, heels, and nothing else when I answered the door. A couple of times he’s even written naughty words on my body with lipstick after we’ve had sex.

His lipstick fetish is so sexy, I love to change colors for him in between blow jobs. I love to suck his cock and this just adds to the hotness.

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