Oral Sex brings YOU to your knees

Oral sex done right!  You haven’t had your cock sucked until it’s been hoovered by the expert herself, yours truly.  As with most pros, you have to start young if you want to be the best like me.  Naughty uncles and daddies are the best teachers.  With time, a proper cock sucker learns to love the taste of cum.  After getting my technique down, it was time to flex my muscles with their naughty friends from work and around the neighborhood.

Size definitely matters!

Not just when it comes to the cock but when it comes to the balls, too.  One look at a pair of low-hanging tanks and I just know I’m gonna get drenched with all that creamy goodness.  My tongue can’t help but travel down to those juicy cum factories to make sure they make plenty of jizz for me.  With tits as big as mine, there’s a lot of ground to cover when they finally start busting their nuts.  As much as I love licking cum off of my tits, I adore drinking it straight from the tap even more.

We can’t forget my friends from school!

What’s better than one set of lips sucking frantically at your jizz fountain?  How about two?  Or maybe even three?  A set of young lips on your cock tip and one on each ball is an experience that needs to be on every man’s bucket list.  Having several teens devour your cock like it’s their last fucking meal will occupy your fantasies for years.  Don’t deny yourself.  Raise a little cum slut and get her to bring some friends home.  Then lean back and enjoy the skills that only teen sluts can provide.

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