Impregnation Fetish — You might have some explaining to do

Impregnation fetish?  Is that even a thing?  Impregnating young, fertile wombs has been encoded in man’s DNA ever since aliens put them on this planet.  For the most part, most guys are able to control this urge.  Most settle down with a nice girl and limit their breeding to 2 1/2 children at the most.  But the calling is stronger inside of you for some reason.  You have this insatiable lust within you and want to impregnate young pussy again.

Your teen daughter, Gracie, comes home drunk!

Her friends didn’t mean for her to get so drunk.  The party was supposed to be innocent enough but then these guys showed up with a keg and things just…escalated.  So now you’re staring at a passed out teenager who is so grounded.  On the other hand, when did your daughter become such a hot, young woman?  Such sexy, perky tits.  And, as you glance up her skirt, you catch a glimpse of her pussy.  It looks so delicious.

The seed is planted

No, you couldn’t.  It’s sweet little Gracie!  She’s still so young.  So innocent.  Then again, her pussy is starting to grow some hair.  And if she was grown enough to get drunk then…

By this point, your cock is already out.  You pretty much made up your mind the minute she hit the mattress and you caught a whiff of that pretty, pink pussy.  Pulling her panties to the side, your cock head touches tight, virginal cunt for the first time in years.  You pump hard and fast, whispering to Gracie that it’s her own damn fault for being so irresponsible with her body.  How could a father resist?

It’s cumming.  That magnificent cum shot that’ll change your daughter’s life forever!

*Knock knock*

“It’s Crystal!  Gracie forgot her clutch in my car and — OH MY GOD!”

What happens next?  You decide how far your Impregnation fetish goes.  For some virginal teen phone sex action, call us!

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