Obedient slutty captive. Yes, I’m sure he was testing me that night to find out if I could become just that.

an obedient slutty captive

Hello again, my sexy perverts! It’s been a while, but today I finally bring you the third part of my “Owned by the Boss” story. Did I mention that a real-life man inspired this story? He was (and still is) a senior leader in a large corporation.  All the ladies in the office whispered about how handsome and charming he was. My boss jealously predicted that the board would soon appoint him as the new CEO. Which he was, I recently heard. Apparently, nobody ever complained about his propensity for staring at women’s breasts. I know I never minded…

Now, back to the story…

As you probably guessed, he left me alone and restrained to that table for a very long time. All night, in fact. In between all of my crying, pleading and begging for him to set me free, I also thought that this was kind of a waste of the limited time that I had there. At some point in the early morning, I fell asleep. Very soon after that, he awakened me by pinching my nipple again. I yelped in surprise and found him sitting in the same chair as before looking at his obedient slutty captive.

I was still definitely a nervous slutty captive. My first thought was that I was incredibly thirsty.  Followed quickly by the thought that I was desperate to pee. I asked that he let me off of the table so that I could use the bathroom. He didn’t remove any of my restraints but he did produce a water bottle and held it so that I could drink. He ignored my request to use the bathroom. Instead, he asked me a very strange question.

What I needed to figure out was did I care if I became an obedient slutty captive?

How do you like me so far?” he asked. I wasn’t really sure how to answer that. I thought that I liked him – his looks, his charm, his overwhelming sexiness. But this is not the guy I fell for back home. Not at all. So far, all this guy had done was order me around and take my clothes away from me. And cause me pain and leave me tied up, crying and begging all night while he completely ignored me.

But I couldn’t ignore the fact that my pussy had been dripping wet and I’d been more turned on than I’d ever been the whole time I’d been there. So, that’s what I told him. But what I didn’t say was that it pissed me off that he tricked me and lied to me.  

I also asked him, “Why are you doing this?” His answer surprised me. He said “I’ve wanted you for a long time – a lot longer than you know. I’ve had my eye on you since you started with the company. It wasn’t until the office visit that I knew you would be suitable for this kind of life. This weekend is kind of a trial for both of us. I think you’ll like it here with me as an obedient slutty captive once you get used to a few things.”

I was a little intimidated by its size

Of course, my first question to him was “what things would I be getting used to?” He answered this question by unzipping his jeans and pulling out a very large cock. Then he moved closer to make sure that I could get a good look at it. He asked if I liked it. I was a little intimidated by its size and the aggressive way he introduced me to it but I was afraid to say no. “Yes, I like it,” I answered.

“That’s good”, he said, “because you will be worshiping this cock now. It will be the primary focus of your life and you will learn to love every inch of it. Basically, it will be your god. And with that, he pulled me to the edge of the table with my head hanging off upside down and without any warning told me to open my mouth and shoved his big cock down my throat. I had never given a blow job to anyone so big before and he gagged and choked me with his size and aggressive thrusting down my throat. He had his hand on my throat and I think he was rubbing the head of his cock through where it distended my throat. This wasn’t a blow job it was a dominant, aggressive throat fucking.

Next up: Do I ever get off that table?  Do I ever get to pee?

obedient slutty captive now

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