Nervous slutty captive. Hello, my sexy perverts! Today I bring you the second part of my “Owned by the Boss” story. The one that I’m writing for all of you dominant gentlemen. Those of you who might like something a bit more submissive from your girl Stevie.

I wanted his big hard cock down my throat

I was a bit disappointed when Julian’s tone became more business-like. And I didn’t understand why he just spent several hours seemingly trying to charm me when he just wanted to offer me a job. Whatever techniques he had been using worked very well, that’s for sure. Because I was already intensely attracted to him and I was imagining him balls deep in my pussy later that night. A promotion would have been nice but his big hard cock down my throat would have been nicer.

I still have a hard time believing what he had proposed. It was very much outside of my comfort zone or even anything I even knew much about. It was all at once exciting, a huge turn on and also very scary. But I’m getting a little ahead of myself. The first thing he offered me was $50,000 dollars to spend a long weekend at his home. I couldn’t imagine why he would feel the need to pay me since I obviously would have done absolutely anything sexual that he wanted me to do. In fact, most girls would have. But, he told me, I had to agree on a few rules:

  1. You may not leave the house without permission

  2. If you do choose to leave, you may not return and you will forfeit the money

  3. Do not bring any luggage with you

  4. You will do what you’re told at all times during the weekend.

You were expecting a private jet and a limo? This isn’t that kind of story

This was all very weird. But fuck he was sexy and $50,000 would pay off a big chunk of my loan. I could be his nervous slutty captive for a long weekend. Besides, it’s not like he was a stranger – he was the CEO of my company. He was clearly a little kinky. But I still wanted to know what it felt like when his big cock was pounding me from behind. So, the very next weekend I was in another city riding from the airport to Julian’s home.

As instructed, I had no luggage with me and only my handbag. Julian met me at the door and as soon as I walked inside he ordered me to strip and hand me all of my clothes. He also took my handbag and my phone, saying that I would get it all back when I left. At the end of all that I was wearing nothing but my black high heel pumps which I was to wear at all times.

I’m a nervous slutty captive – and I’m completely naked

Gone was the Julian who wined, dined and wooed me over dinner. In his place was a man who was dominant but also almost eerily quiet and calm. He said very few words and ignored nearly everything I said. And he only spoke when he told me what to do or wanted me to know something. He had not asked me any questions and certainly didn’t ask for my opinion on anything happening to me. He clearly didn’t care about the “smart” part of smart slutty captive anymore.

You were expecting a dungeon? This isn’t that kind of story.

What he did do was take me to a back room and restrain me on top of a large table. I was flat on my back and both arms and both legs were locked down with a leather cuff at each corner. And I was still completely naked except for my heels. Every bit the nervous slutty captive, I was pretty scared and I could feel my hands shaking. But for some reason, I also trusted him and knew that he wouldn’t really hurt me. Not too badly, anyway.

He pulled up a chair and took a seat so he could talk to me. But before he said anything, he caressed one of my round perfect tit with his big hand. It was the first time he had touched me and it felt so good despite my awkward situation. My nipple was immediately erect which he acknowledged by pinching it between his thumb and forefinger very hard. I yelped in pain and tried to move away when he tried to do it again but of course, I couldn’t. I very quickly gave in to him and let him do it again. And, as I’m sure you expected, my pussy was dripping wet. Looking back, I think he was testing me.

Next up – Did he leave me chained to a table for a really long time? Did he fuck me really, really hard first? Probably. This is that kind of story.

nervous slutty captive now

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