Smart slutty captive.  Hello, my sexy perverts! I realized that I’ve been writing quite a lot of FemDom posts lately and I thought that you more dominant gentlemen might like something a bit more submissive. Less pegging and anal sex and more slutty girls… I’ve read and fantasize a lot about a relationship like this but to be completely honest, agreeing to this level of submission scares me too. But, what’s a good fantasy that’s not a bit frightening, right?


A huge amount of student loan debt made it impossible to consider doing anything else…

Except maybe become a smart slutty captive.  I first met Julian when I was working in the most boring office in the world doing the most boring job in the world for a huge company. I was only a few years out of college but I already knew that the 9-5 office life was not for me. Today, though, was slightly less boring than most because the CEO and founder of the company, Julian Lucas and his entourage were visiting our branch office today. 

I had never met the CEO but I knew he was good looking, in his mid 40’s and quite charismatic as most CEO’s are. I was unprepared, though for his almost electric excitement and energy.  You could feel from the moment he entered the office. As the leadership team, myself included, settled into the conference room I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He was even better looking in person than on our website. He clearly worked out and took care of himself. And his prematurely mostly silver hair was just devastatingly handsome. We all listened to him say nice things about the branch and the managers and talked about goals for the next few quarters.

I chose business-slutty like a good smart slutty captive

Next, each department manager stood up and gave a short presentation about their team’s accomplishments.  I was really glad that I chose business-slutty rather than business conservative when I dressed that morning. When I got up for my presentation, I was very aware of how I looked.  I wore a tight, black pencil skirt, white blouse with buttons that I opened to show the perfect amount of cleavage and black pumps.

While I was speaking I could feel his eyes on me and clearly see him checking out my tits and my ass. Instead of being angry, his subtle dominance and obvious confidence made my whole body tingle.  His gaze said that he takes whatever he wants. I was really glad I wore panties that day or my pussy would have been dripping down my thighs.  Perfect for a future smart slutty captive.

The rest of Mr. Lucas spent the rest of the day in meetings with people higher up than me. After my team had left, I was still in my office finishing up for the day. Suddenly I felt the electric presence again. I didn’t even need to look up to know it was Mr. Lucas standing in my doorway. But this time he was alone, without his entourage of Vice Presidents from the corporate office.  He didn’t seem to need an invitation from me to come in and have a seat.

My first thought was that he smelled impossibly good

Hermes maybe? It was hard to tell. He got right to the point and asked me to go to dinner with me. He said we could meet downstairs in 30 minutes.  That gave me just enough time to fix my makeup and hair, put on thigh highs and get ready for a fancy dinner. I assumed that he was inviting me to dinner with a small group of office leaders, and thus the personal invitation. But I was wrong.

When I got into the limo downstairs, it was just him and me. The chemistry and electricity were almost too much to take. I don’t think I was able to say two words during the mercifully short ride to the restaurant. For the first 99% of dinner, he was flirty, charming and even kind of romantic in a way.  This guy, I remember thinking, can do whatever the fuck he wants to me.

But just as dinner was ending he got serious and said he had a proposition for me. I remember being disappointed, thinking that all this was just because he wanted to offer me a promotion. Which would have been good, of course.  But at that point, it was not at all what I wanted from Julian.  I had no idea, though that I would be a smart slutty captive. 

Next up!

So my sexy perverts, what do you think this proposal will be? I bet you can guess…

smart slutty captive girl

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