So, How Does Submissive Office Bitch Look as a Job Title?

The title of submissive office bitch sounds so taboo, doesn’t it?  I’m not sure if I could handle that kind of a title.

Submissive office bitch? So, you think you’re going to get a grand job. To be honest, the first few jobs you may strike out on entirely. However, you still keep trying, till one job becomes something you truly enjoy and you love coming to the office daily.

You could say that this was definitely a first time sex story experience.  My friend never saw it coming.

I was so excited to hear my friend got a job.

Finally, my friend got a great job. He had been working so hard to get one.  He went for the interview and got hired on the spot. I’d like to think it was my friend’s charming personality, but somehow I think I’d be way off.

So, my friend showed up for his first day at the office. Well, my friend was told to report to the boss’s office. So he went over to the office door feeling a bit shaky and knocked on the door. He was greeted by a deep voice to enter.

He was given his job title as the submissive office bitch.

The new boss made my friend feel so comfortable, he started to relax.  Then slowly, over a period of time in his office, his boss started asking some questions, rather suggestive ones.

The new boss told him he would have him run errands and file papers. There was a bit of silence as my friend tried to process all of this.  Hopefully, he would move up the ladder.  In addition to filing papers, he would get things as needed for the managers.

The best part of the job was spending a lot of time with his new boss.  He wanted a personal runner to get him things and keep him company.  Of course, my friend would find out soon enough what that meant.

One afternoon, my friend was told to stay after to discuss some things.

Of course, my friend wanted to please his boss and be a good submissive office slut.  So, once the building was pretty much empty he went over to his boss’s office and knocked at the door.

They talked for a while and eventually, the subject of a raise came up.  The boss was willing to up his pay for something in return.  Curious, my friend leaned forward to find out about the conditions.

The raise was so tempting.

There was no going back, once he agreed the boss’s face suddenly changed.  He ordered my friend to the floor on his hands and knees.  A view of his boss’s big fat dick was in front of his face, so large and hard.

The boss ordered my friend to take it into his mouth and suck on it.  My friend trembled so hard.  He had secretly fantasized about taking a big fat dick into his anxious mouth.  Now, he had this opportunity to show his worth and get his fill of nice hard dick.

The submissive office bitch worked so hard.

That dick tasted so good.  His mouth sucked, his pink tongue licked the head.  He was almost born to be a cock sucking bitch.  He knew he had approval when his boss started to moan and throw his head back in pleasure.

Finally, my friend got to taste his large, swollen balls.  They were so full of cum.  He wanted to taste his boss’s cum so badly.  Pulling and sucking he pulled that cock all the way down his throat and bobbed his head up and down that fat dick.

That submissive office bitch was so good at sucking cock.  Can you imagine what happened next?

Every office has one.  I’d love to hear about your submissive office bitch and what they did to gain favor with the higher-ups.  Shhh, I won’t tell.  So Just call me for some secret phone sex chat.


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