Read My First Time Sex Story About A Romantic Picnic Lunch That Turned into Afternoon Dessert!

We all have a first time sex story.  Everyone fondly remembers our first oral sex stories, our first kiss, perhaps our first anal experience.  For some of us it is the first time we ever had sex and lost ourselves to the person we found sexually intriguing.  Perhaps it was the fun you had with those sexy college girls in the library.  Those experiences stuck with us as memorable moments regardless of impact because they were our first-time milestones.  No one ever forgets their first.

I spent a lot of time with this guy friend in high school.  Yes, I thought I was pretty smitten with him.  I truly enjoyed our time together.  One day we planned a little picnic lunch at the park.  We each brought pieces to the park to make a wonderful lunch.  It was warm that day.  I remember wearing a T-shirt, bra, panties, and blue shorts for ultimate comfort.  We had a lovely time.  We fed each other and snuggled on the picnic blanket.  I don’t remember too much of what we ate just that we enjoyed the company.

My belly was very full after lunch.  We laid down after lunch.  I stared up at the blue sky and shady trees.  Life was perfect at that moment.  My friend’s hands started to roam over my leg.  I moaned too content to move.  His fingertips brushed my soft skin along my thigh up and down.  His hand traveled towards the soft fold of my panties.  I pushed gently against his hand.  He crawled down the blanket and put his head near my hip.  His eyes twinkled up at me.

The end of my innocence…

For those of you who love discussing fun age play phone sex scenarios, you can imagine how my young body was reacting to the stimulating teasing attention between my legs.  I felt self-conscious for a moment. So I looked around.  I put my light jacket over his head as he started kissing my thighs. Then I was so innocent I didn’t understand exactly what was happening at first just that I didn’t want this to end.  He pulled my panties gently to the side.  His tongue slipped into the side of my panties and brushed my pussy lips.  I exhaled a sigh of pleasure feeling his warm wet tongue teasing my tight young sex.

His tongue started to circle my clit making it twitch with every stroke.  My breath caught and I couldn’t speak.  My loins began to tingle.  Obviously, I knew what masturbation was but had never felt stimulation like this before.  Whimpering and breathlessly, I asked if I was able to have an orgasm doing this.  My eyes shut as I surrendered my pussy for the ride of my life.  My lust flooded forth as I screamed my pleasure as I started cumming.  In my tantrum, I didn’t realize an older man was walking by us slowly, very slowly.  I could see the outline of his hard cock under his pants.  How long had he been watching us?

I often fantasized about alternatives and this older man joined us.

I was so horny at that moment I don’t think I would have protested.  This sexy picnic lunch turned into dessert.  This was just the first of my adventures with this friend of mine.

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