Real Sex Stories: Fucking The Old Pervert Next Door

Real Sex Stories: Fucking The Old Pervert Next Door. I think dick is great and I never thought I’d come across one that grossed me out, but I did. Ugh, I still played with it though. It makes me feel all grossed out just thinking about it. You see, Fred is this dirty old man who lives across the street from me. He’s always finding excuses to talk to me and his eyes never leave my big tits.

He also stands way too close and can’t keep his hands off me. He’s always giving me touches on the arm or accidentally brushing his hand over my ass. I want to smack him half the time, but he’s old and I can’t be mean to old perverts. Ha! He cornered me when I was going to the grocery store and said he had a job for me if I was interested. He’s old as hell, so I thought it was something like getting a box off a shelf or changing a light bulb or something like that. I was wrong though, actually, he wanted to fuck me. He didn’t say it like that, but it’s what he wanted.Then, he said he’d pay me for it. The thought of his wrinkly old dick in me, made me want to puke and I shook my head.

Real Sex Stories

“Yeah, no I don’t think so,” I told him and when I went to leave he grabbed my arm. I was about to push him away when he told me a higher price, one that made my heart beat faster as thoughts of pretty shoes and clothes filled my head I just couldn’t let him fuck me but I wanted that money really bad so I came up with a solution. I’d suck him off. At least that way my pussy could stay untainted and I wouldn’t have to feel his wrinkly, bony body humping away on top of mine.

All he had to do was take one look at me licking my ruby-red lips and agreed to settle for a blow job while still paying me the same amount. We went back to his house and he pulled down his trousers and underwear. His dick hung there all limp under a patch of hair. I took a deep breath and got to my knees as I tried to act excited. I put my hand around his dick and began to jerk him off, trying to make him hard as fast as I could.

Real Sex Stories

He stroked my hair as I pumped him and gave him little licks. It took awhile, but he started to get hard and I shoved him into my mouth. He moaned and pushed forward, his dick sliding further past my lips. My face was practically on him and I could smell a musky scent, as I tried to keep calm. I nearly gagged as he hit the back of my throat and began sliding him in and out of my mouth. He moaned and groaned, his skinny thighs rocking as he fucked my mouth.

I kept going as he held me close to him, but it took ages before his moans got louder and his thrust was more frantic. Then, I went faster and finally felt cum shoot down my throat. Next, I swallowed it and tried not to think of who it belonged to as he gasped and called me baby. Oh, I choked down the last of his cum, tried not to bring it up back and stood up. Finally, I slapped a huge smile on my face and told me how much fun it had been. I couldn’t wait to do it again. Fred told me we could do it again soon and gave me the money. I really hope I can keep him happy with blow jobs because this is the kind of money I like making.

Real Sex Stories

If you like dirty sex stories, then you’re going to love making them with me! I love it naughty, kinky and against the rules. If you’re a dirty old man and you want a sexy young vixen like me, then you know what to do daddy-o!

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