Edging Him For One Week, Before I Finally Let Him Exxxplode!

Normally edging him (or anyone for that matter) for me would consist of teasing, denying and lots of foreplay during a call. However, not with my Mr. T and not this time! This time I am going to edge him for one whole week and I am going to enjoy every single minute of it. He will not be able to cum at all in that time and there will be no exceptions!

It’s not simply a matter of him not cumming either, oh I am significantly meaner than that. Him not being able to cum is part of it, but he also has to edge himself twice per day until our call. I want him to be in agony, I want him to yearn for that sweet release. I am going to watch him on Skype, on the 6th day and I will know how full his balls are how effective of a listener he is.

Our cum day is going to take place on 3/18 and let’s just say that from now until then, I am going to go OUT of my way to entice him. I want him to beg for that release. Also, I want him to need this more than anything. Finally, I want to basket in the knowledge that his cock, his cum, and his orgasms belong to me and no one else.

That’s pretty fucking erotic in and of itself if you ask me.

You know, I love it and I am eager to watch him explode, but no yet of course. I’m thinking about the desperate look on his face when he first calls me up on Skype. I can just imagine how intense this call is going to be for him. Naturally, in one last act of dominance, I will edge him that one final time JUST before I give him permission to cum. How incredible of a site that will be!

Mr. T has been directed to edge himself first thing in the morning and right before bedtime. That means that he will dream about fucking my sweet, wet, warm pussy and he will think about it all day long. I will send him short IM’s throughout the day. “I’m playing with my pussy!”, “My clit is so swollen!”, “I can’t wait to watch you explode!” Devious shit like that! I mean, why not? He agreed to this torture and tortured he shall be! Anyone who knows me in the slightest knows, that I go big or I go the fuck home. Period!

This sexual encounter, this edging rendezvous, of course, is no exception to that.

I think from now and until our highly anticipated cum day, instead of sending him all three of his pics at once or even the day of, I think I ought to send them to him one, by one. Just to add insult to injury I will add particularly graphic and detailed descriptions with each and every single one of those pictures. I want him to be absolutely over the edge, by the time I get my eyes on him.

Nothing is more satisfying to me as a woman than knowing that I have a naughty and wonderfully obedient man in my grasp. Edging him is my favorite. He is a giver and I am most definitely going to exploit that to my benefit. But he needs not worry, the release I give him will be nothing short of absolutely fucking epic.

Hell, he might even shoot me in the face right through that damn screen!

Talk to me and tell me how you like to be edged. Edging is more than just teasing. Perhaps you like just enough to get you by through a call. Or maybe like Mr. T you’re a glutton for punishment and you want me to edge you for an extended period of time. Whatever revs your motor, I am ready and willing to push that throttle hard. All you have to do is call me and be 100% committed to my instructions and I will give you the edging experience you’ve been looking for and then some!

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