I was invited to my friend’s bridal shower a few weeks ago.  When I read the invitation, I learned that she was having a sex toy presentation and later, a male stripper would come and entertain us.  It sounded like fun!

After appetizers and small talk, the woman who was presenting the sex toys began her sales pitch.  We had a lot of fun, passing the toys and novelties around and laughing at our own sexually crude comments.  Most of us made some kind of purchase, both for ourselves and for the bride to be.  

“What time is the stripper coming?” someone asked.  

Melanie, the bride to be, glanced at her watch.  “He should be here any minute.”  

“I can’t wait!” a blonde guest said, giggling.  “I hope he is hot!” Everyone giggled and agreed.  The excitement was high and when the doorbell finally rang, the women cheered even before the stripper walked in.  

Melanie opened the door and stood there for a few seconds.  “May I help you?” she asked uncertainly.  

“I’m the stripper,” we heard a deep and nasally voice reply.

Melanie scoffed.  “I think there’s been a mistake.  Is this… excuse me, but is this a joke?  No offense.  I’m just asking, because…”  her voice trailed off as she was obviously a bit distressed.  Her sister Amy got up and walked over to the door to help her.

“You’re kidding me!” Amy burst out laughing.  

Now the rest of us were curious to know what was going on.  Amy opened the door, laughing her ass off and said, “Okay, well since you’re here, there’s a room full of hot women who want to see a hot male stripper…”

In stepped Wally, the Stripper.  He was about 5’5, late thirties, very overweight with a headful of bushy hair.  He was wearing a black t-shirt which was about two sizes too small and a pair of baggy, faded jeans.  He nodded at us all as we sat there, stunned.  “Ladies.”  he said, setting his gym bag down on the floor.  He handed Amy a CD and said, “This is my music.”  

We couldn’t help but laugh.  Our laughter didn’t seem to phase him.  He just stood there with his hands in his pockets and waited for Amy to put his music on.  Looking as if she was close to tears, Melanie dragged her feet as she came to sit on the chair next to me.  I put my arm around her and patted her shoulder.

“This is a fucking disaster.  I paid $200 for a stripper.  I don’t know why they sent that guy.”  she said quietly.

“Hey, don’t worry.  I’m sure it will be entertaining.  We’ll all have a good laugh.  Cheer up, it’s fine.”  I said, in my most comforting voice.  

The music started and Wally began his strip tease.  It really was funny watching him dance and doing what he must have thought were really sexy moves.  He clumsily stripped off his sweaty t-shirt and stepped out of his old looking jeans and stood there, in huge boxers, with his hands on his hips, looking around the room at us in what can only be described as a seductive grin.  I put my hand over my mouth and suppressed a laugh.  Others weren’t so discreet.  Most of the ladies were openly mocking him and making really rude remarks.

He put his hands on the waistband of his boxers and pulled them down to his ankles, then stepped out of them.  Instantly the room became quiet as twelve women’s jaws dropped.  The silence was broken by Amy as she cried out, “No.  Fucking. Way.”

I couldn’t help but lean forward for a closer look.  Wally’s dick was soft at the moment but it was hanging halfway down his thighs.  He had a monster of a dick!

“May I touch that?” the blonde guest asked timidly.   Wally walked over to her with a swagger.   No wonder he was so confident, I thought.  Any man would be confident with a schlong like that!

The blonde reached out with both hands and held his massive cock.  She began squeezing and stroking it and the crowd of women gasped as we watched it grow in her hand.   It must have been over a foot long, I realized in amazement.  The blonde fell to her knees and began to suck his cock.  Amazed, I glanced over at Melanie to see her reaction.  Her finger was in her mouth and she was gazing at Wally’s cock as if it was a juicy cut of mouth watering steak.  

She walked over to Wally and got on her knees.  He looked at her, pulled his dick out of the blonde’s mouth and fed it to Melanie.  Melanie was noisily slurping on it when I saw the other ladies take their place in line, all of them falling to their knees.  He went down the line, his hands on his hips, looking down at whichever woman was currently gobbling his goods.  

When each woman had her turn, he walked over to where I was sitting and held his enormous manhood out for me.  “Care for a suck, miss?” he asked politely.

Well, why the hell not, I thought.  I got on my knees and sucked hard and fast, instantly enjoying how well it filled my mouth.  After a few minutes he gently pushed my forehead away and pulled his cock out.  “I’m about to cum now, miss.  Stand back or risk being splashed.”  

I leaned away from him but it was too late, he shot an impressive jet of cum all over my chair but he managed to splash some of it on my face.   I laughed and looked at the other women who actually looked a bit envious that I was the one he ended up soaking with his semen.  

Melanie rushed over with a kitchen towel and helped clean it off me as Wally got dressed.   He said goodnight and walked out the front door.  

“So….” the blonde said, breaking our stunned silence.  “Can I get the name of that stripper agency?”

I think Wally made a new group of fans and I would imagine his following grows with every one of his performances.  It just goes to show you… never judge a book by its cover!

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