Have you ever received a little strip tease from anyone?

Whoever said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach may not have learned how to give him a hot-ass little strip tease! I thought I’d do something a little sexy for my boyfriend. I watched some videos online of how to turn on your man, and that was one of the suggestions. Then, I told him to sit on the edge of the bed, and I lowered the lights and turned on some music. I’d decided to strip to something slow and sexy. I started to sway my hips and spin a bit as my clothes soon came off.

One button at a time, and then I’d open and close the blouse quickly like I was flashing him. I inched my skirt up and then down before stepping out of it. My skirt was soon a pile on the floor; my blouse soon joined it. He then had stockings and panties draped over his shoulders. It was kind of fun, and there was some laughter for sure. My spinning around and tearing my clothes and undies off ended up being a bit comical, and I was dizzy. My boyfriend had confided in me he’d gone to strip clubs in the past and enjoyed a solid little strip tease.

A professional stripper for this little strip tease; however, I was not.

He said when he first went to one, he’d never seen a real naked woman before. Other than in porn or a magazine, never one in person. So it had been quite the arousing experience for him. He’d gone home and masturbated after seeing it. He was a late bloomer and a bit late to the game in dealing with women. He was aroused after my little strip tease, even though it was a bit on the goofy side. I could see the bulge in his pants after I tossed my bra over his shoulder. Then, I went over to him at the edge of the bed and straddled his lap.

I could feel his hardness underneath me. I wrapped my hands behind his neck and pulled him towards me in a kiss. Then, I began to grind on him, giving him a bit of a lap dance, squirming on his lap. My strip tease was working! He was getting harder in his pants. I got off of him and sank to my knees in front of him, reaching up and undoing his pants. His hard cock sprang out, and I stroked it with my hand. Looking him right in the eye before lowering my mouth down onto it. I drooled on his cock, making it slippery and wet as my lips rose and fell on it.

His fingers wrapped in my hair, pushing my head up and down on his shaft.

I could feel his balls against my chin on the downstroke as he fucked my face. I massaged his balls as I slurped away on his hard cock. He pulled me up and placed me back on him, so I was straddling him. I sank onto his cock, feeling it fill me as I pushed back down on him. He sucked at my nipples as we faced one another and fucked. I placed my hands on his shoulders as I bucked against him. My cunt made wet smacking sounds as I worked myself on his cock. His hands grabbed my ass cheeks and helped move me up and down.

I squeezed my pussy muscles around his dick, gripping him inside of me. He loved how tight my pussy was and often commented on it. I knew if I kept working my way up and down like this, I’d soon be cumming on his cock. He whispered to me my little strip tease had turned him on. Seeing me strip my clothes off and toss them at him had gotten his cock good and hard. My pussy could attest to it. He kissed my neck; his hands were on my breasts, he moved his thumbs over my nipples.

They were as stiff as his prick.

I sped up the arching motions of my pussy and soon gushed on his cock in orgasm. That triggered him cumming, and I was soon shot full of his spunk. We lay there on the bed, breathing heavily. The little experiment in stripping had been a fun one. Not quite sure if I will try it again, but it was fun for sure. It’s usually fun to try new things in the bedroom.

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little strip tease