Depending on the sensitivity of the nipples, some tender nipple play might suit your little sex session well!

I have extra sensitive nipples. It’s always been an issue, my nipples getting hard and showing. Guys used to make fun of it when I was in school, but I couldn’t help it. Even the fabric of my bra grazing over them would make them hard. I found out when I was young I could make myself cum from just having my nipples played with. I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but it was. Not all women can cum from tender nipple play, but some of us can. This discovery surfaced when my first boyfriend played with my breasts as we kissed.

Not long after, I came, and we were both surprised. He seemed shocked, and I felt a bit of shock as well. I knew he loved it, though. He was always playing with my breasts and making me cum. Long before I’d let him touch my pussy. I certainly loved getting fucked, but when a guy is sucking my nipples at the same time, I go wild. I love to ride with my boyfriend. Then, I have him either fondle my nipples and breasts as I ride him or have him sit up. When he’s sitting up, it’s easy for him to suck on my nipples as tender nipples play.

Tender nipple play can also happen a lot more easily than a guy fingering you.

We were driving recently to a wedding out of town, which was a few hours in the car. He reached over and started to fondle my left breast as he was driving. Then, he put his hand under my sweater; I wasn’t wearing a bra. He fondled and rubbed my nipple back and forth until I came. It’s a lot of fun to be able to cum from tender nipple play like this. No getting sticky fingers! Once we got to the hotel we were staying at and settled in; we wanted to fuck. He loves titty fucks, so we started with that. I was nude, lying on my back, and he came up and straddled me.

I gripped my breasts in his hands as he laid his hard cock between them. Finally, I wrapped my soft flesh around his shaft, and he began to pump. I licked the tip of it every time it came up under my chin. I was kissing the tip and swirling my tongue around it. Then, I pointed my nipples inward, so every pump of his dick against them would arouse me, and it sure did. He reached back and fingered my clit as he was titty fucking me, and we both soon came from the tender nipple play. I had a pearl necklace, and he had fingers full of my sweet pussy juice.

He brought his fingers to my lips afterward to taste myself, and I sucked on them.

I grew so wet and slippery from the tender nipple play, he just climbed on top of me and fucked me. I wrapped my legs around him nice and tight, and he fucked me. Luckily he gets hard pretty easily and quickly, even after he’s cum. He can keep going and going. The rehearsal dinner was a few hours away, so we had plenty of time to enjoy ourselves. Why is it that fucking in a hotel just always makes it hotter? I love it, always have. Sometimes hotels also have steam rooms or saunas; we’ve been known to get our groove on in them as well.

Luckily we’ve never been caught, thank goodness! The dress I wore to the wedding was a low-cut one, and of course, my nipples were hard. He mentioned it, and maybe that it was a bit too much to show for a wedding. Several of the male guests I could also see glancing down at my hard nipples through the dress. My mom has always encouraged me to wear these pad things in my bra. She thinks a proper lady should conceal such things. It always made me laugh. How can I feel the tender nipple play then!?

I enjoy my hard nipples and the pleasure they bring me.

Tender nipple play has always been a very hot part of sex for me. Sometimes when you meet a guy, you don’t want to fuck right away. When they find out my nipples are so sensitive, they can still make me cum by playing with them. It’s like a neat trick I’ve got up my sleeve; most women don’t.

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tender nipple play