There is no better way to spend your runners high than some sweaty post workout sex.

So many callers will tell me how horny they are after working out. It’s all that testosterone running throughout their bodies; it gets them aroused. Post workout sex can be pretty hot. My boyfriend is really into working out. He’s got the best body of any guy I’ve ever been with. He works out around two hours a day and has a body like a Greek God. I’ve never had such satisfying sex with anyone as him, either. He’s constantly horny due to all the workouts. We do usually fuck a couple of times a day because of it.

He never tires since he’s in such great shape. We had both been working out the other day, him on the stationary bike and me on the treadmill. When he was done his ride, he stood up, and I could see his hard-on through his shorts. He gave me that knowing smile, and I got off the treadmill and walked straight to the bedroom—time for some post workout sex. We soon stripped off our workout clothes and were going at it. I was feeling a bit dominant, so I told him to get on his back. I sat on his face and told him to lick my pussy.

He loves to lick me and have post workout sex before I’ve showered.

I know not all guys are into that, but he really loves it. He had me sit down, and his tongue went right to my clit and tickled it. Then he slipped into my pussy, and he even tongued my sweaty ass. I then got down and slid down to his cock, and rode him. He was as hard as a fucking steel rod in my pussy. I just rocked back and forth on him, feeling him inside of me throbbing. My tits were bouncing, and he groped them, rubbing the nipples with his thumbs. The air smelled of sex and sweat, as post workout sex can sometimes make happen.

I reached back and played with his balls as I rode him. He held my cunt lips open with his thumbs, exposing my clit. He would then thrust upwards, so each thrust rubbed against it. It was sheer heaven. Sweaty, post workout sex with a fit guy is so hot. I love running my hands over his hard, washboard abs, watching his muscles ripple as we move together. Then, I placed my hands on his chest, running my fingers over him as I bucked up and down. I could feel an orgasm rising within me, and I moved faster and faster to cum.

I clenched down on his cock and exploded in an orgasm.

Then, I crawled off of him and was feeling really naughty for our post workout sex. I went down to his cock that was still covered in my cum and his and started to suck it. He grew hard again very quickly as I did so and was soon thrusting into my mouth, fucking it. He’s quite well endowed, so I often gag and gulp a bit as he faces fucks me, but I don’t mind. I love to please him, and he always takes care of me in bed. I suckled on his balls, which were once again filling with cum as I pumped his hard shaft.

Then, I swirled my lips around his mushroom head slowly and teasingly. I looked him right in the eye as I let his cock go down my throat. He had my hair gripped in his fist as he pushed his cock in and out of my mouth. I soon had a mouthful of his sweet cum. He’s a heavy cummer, so I always get a lot to swallow. I had drops of it at the corners of my mouth as I gulped it down. We lay there for a moment catching our breath. He reached down and caressed my still soaking wet, cum filled cunt.

He teased my clit, using his own cum in it as lube.

It was stiff again. I moved my hips back and forth, fucking his hand. I soon found my sweet release yet again as he fingered me. Yes, I can promise you, post workout sex can indeed be hot. Hot, dirty, and downright satisfying for all involved. A nice shower after is always a fun way to get clean. At least for a little while.

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post workout sex