I was so nervous about the nude hot springs!

When my guy said he wanted to go to the nude hot springs, I wasn’t sure. I like being naked but wasn’t sure how many people might be there. I was ready for adventure, though, and agreed to go. We drove up to the mountains, and it was beautiful. The air was so clean and pure. We stopped at this little hotel that was a few miles away, and the next morning we set out. The waters were supposed to be fantastic, healing even. I looked forward to a nice, long soak in them. There were a few others up there, but it was all quite casual.

Yes, they were nude, and I was a bit shy getting into the water naked in front of everyone. The nude hot springs were wonderful. I swear, we soaked there for hours. One by one, the other people left, and it was getting towards sunset. It seemed like the crowd had all left for the day, and no more were coming at night. The warm water was so relaxing and sensual. Now that we were alone, my boyfriend began to kiss me and fondle me in the water. Making my nipples hard as he played with my breasts.

His hand slipped down between my thighs, playing with me.

The air was cool, but the water was oh so warm. The stars were out, and it was a beautiful night. You could hear the crickets and the frogs chirping. I stood up and leaned against the edge of the spring we were soaking in, and he came up from behind. I could feel him take his cock and nestle it between my pussy lips from behind. We’d had sex underwater before at a friend’s pool back home and always enjoyed it. I could feel him slide into me, and he thrust, making the water slosh around a bit every time he did so.

He grabbed my tits from behind, massaging them in his hands. The warm water and the cool air playing on my exposed skin. He fucked me, and I reached down and started to rub my clit as he did. It was totally dark, not a soul around at the nude hot springs at this hour. I felt like I didn’t need to be quiet and could really vocalize and moan as loud as I wanted. There was no one around for miles to hear us.  He came in my pussy, and we sank back into the water to catch our breath.

After a time, he told me to sit on the edge of the hot springs.

He parted my thighs and buried his face between them, licking me and teasing my clit there in the darkness. I could feel his tongue tracing all around my pussy lips and my clit. Then he’d suckle on it driving me crazy. It felt so good. To make love like this under the stars, in the darkness, nothing but the moonlight. It was magical. The nude hot springs had been a wonderful place to come for the weekend. I couldn’t believe I’d never come here before when it was only a couple of hours away.

We soon got dried off and drove back to the hotel. We slept so deeply and went back to the hot springs the next afternoon. There weren’t as many people there like the day before. It was a fairly large area, so we went off to one corner by ourselves. The water was also the type some springs have that is not clear; it’s pretty opaque. So no one could see what was going on under the water. I reached down and grabbed his cock, and started to masturbate him. No one could see.

He was so stiff in my hand, and I stroked him up and down.

I knew he was trying his best not to make any give-away facial expressions. Nor moans to give away what was going on beneath the water. I could feel his cock twitch in my hand under the water, and I knew he’d cum. I continued to stroke him for a time until every last drop had been milked out. We soon got out and went back to the hotel. It was an enjoyable time that weekend at the nude hot springs. I sure hope we can go back someday.

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