The best most patriotic sex can be on the fourth of July!

The fourth of July has always been a favorite holiday of mine. It’s fun, with picnics and barbecues, and I love the fireworks. In fact, I always get kind of turned on by them. They are colorful and loud and they make a great cover for sex outdoors. One might even call it patriotic sex, to have it on the fourth! It’s like I’m doing it for my country. Last year my boyfriend and I went to a big fireworks display and there was live music. The huge band played the usual songs they for the holiday and the sky lit up with the show.

Everyone was looking skyward, they weren’t paying attention to the patriotic sex on our picnic blanket. I couldn’t believe how no one saw us in a crowd of so many people. Now it’s not like I was riding his cock or something. We were under a blanket trying to be discreet, but it was right out in the open. The fireworks mimicked the internal mini-explosions within, of my orgasms. After we’d had our picnic supper and the music began after twilight, we cuddled. It was a sweet evening.

I started to feel more amorous as the night went on.

I grabbed the blanket I’d brought in case it got chilly and covered us with it. Then, I slid my hand over the crotch of his jeans and rubbed him and he grew hard pretty quickly. I unzipped him and soon was working my hand all over his cock. He grew very aroused as I played with him. We listened to the music and after I got him off, he soon began playing with my pussy. I’d worn a short skirt and no panties underneath, perfect for our patriotic sex. I was wet from his touching me and his fingertips stroked my stiff clit and went in tiny little circles.

I was feeling so good as he got me off under the stars this way. Then, I glanced around and no one seemed to be paying any attention to the two of us. They were all looking towards the bandstand and involved in their own little lives on their own blankets. I bit my lip to not cry out with pleasure as he made me cum. Not long after, the fireworks began and I was already on my back looking upwards. I was pumped for this patriotic sex. He rolled on top of me and had the blanket over him. I parted my legs but didn’t raise my knees.

I thought that would be too obvious.

He slipped inside of me and very gently and slowly began to thrust. I looked around and no one seemed to be looking at us. We just might get away with this patriotic sex after all. I was worried guards might rush us at any minute and haul us off, but it just didn’t happen. The fireworks continued and I felt bad he couldn’t enjoy them as well, since he was facing downwards. I so wanted to wrap my legs around him, but I couldn’t do anything to draw attention to us. It reminded me of when I was younger and had to share a room with my sister.

I felt terrified she’d discover me masturbating. I learned to do it without hardly moving. Sex could be done the same way if you were careful and did it just so. I could feel his cock against my clit and bucked up a bit towards him, it felt so good. This was risky sex and hot all at the same time. I felt my patriotic sex orgasm wash over me. Then, I looked up and saw the sky light up with the beautiful, colorful fireworks. I then felt him squirt inside of me and carefully get off of me without attracting any attention.

After our patriotic sex, we remained under the blankets for the rest of the show.

We just stayed there and waited for most of the people around us to pack up and leave. I felt naughty but in a good way. I finally scrambled out from under the blanket and gather up our items and head back to the car. Our patriotic sex had remained a secret. I am most looking forward to repeating this scene this year at the park once more for the show.

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