A little bratty domination goes a long way!

I’m not sure how many other girls ever practiced bratty domination on their daddies, but I did several times. It was never difficult to wrap daddy around my little finger, and I always loved doing it. One time in my teens, I was snooping in his office. I found out he owed a good deal of money on a gambling debt. I knew there would be a way to use that info to my advantage, and I did so. Then, I thought about it a few days and told him I’d seen the debt. If he didn’t do as I say, I was going to tell mommy.

He looked so stunned that I would use bratty domination against him, and I was controlling my laughter. This was too easy. He said he had a big deal about to come through. Once it did, there would be money to spare to pay off the debt and get me something. I told him I wanted a pair of diamond stud earrings. He was shocked I’d ask for something so expensive, but I told him I was worth it. His deal came through, and he paid off his debt and brought a tiny jewelry box home for me. He gave me the velvet square box, and they were stunning.

He said I was growing into a crafty little slut, just like my mother.

I laughed and thanked him for the compliment. He said he wanted to see the earrings on me and nothing else. I put on the earrings and stripped them out of my mini skirt and sweater. I stood before daddy, naked, my hands cupping my breasts, covering my nipples. He told me to put my hands at my sides. Mommy had gone out for a few hours, and we were alone, undisturbed. My bratty domination had gotten me the fancy earrings; I guess it was only right that I thanked him.

He told me to get on my knees on the floor in front of him and take out his cock. I could feel my pussy tingle as he ordered me down on the floor. Then, I looked him right in the eye as I reached up and pulled down his zipper. I took his cock out, looking at the sheer size of it. Then, I took the bobbing shaft in my hand and stroked it up and down a few times, teasingly. I then licked the tip of it, tasting daddy’s sweet precum off the large, swollen head. I opened my mouth and took in the whole head, my lips stretching around it. Sometimes bratty domination means pretending to submit.

He reached down and scooped my ponytail in his hand, almost using it as a handle.

Then he moved my head back and forth on his hard cock. He told me the light really caught the earrings and made them sparkle. I slobbered over his cock and felt him gagging me. He then pulled me up and bent me over his desk, and kicked my ankles apart. Then, I felt his hardness enter my moist hole from behind, and he eased it in. He smirked; he could feel how wet I was, calling me his little whore. I loved it when he called me that. I felt a shiver run up and down my spine as he said it. My bratty domination got me just what I wanted.

He plunged in all the way and stretched me open, and thrust hard into me. I grabbed the corner of the desk to steady myself as he fucked me. I could feel how sloppy wet I was, and he just pummeled my pussy over and over. He reached around and rubbed my clit, his own little girl’s clit, and he made me cum. Once he felt my pussy cum on his cock, he shot his wad into me. He was no match for my bratty domination. Then, I felt his sperm squirting into me over and over. He pulled out his shrinking cock and told me to get back down on my knees and clean it off with my mouth.

Then, I did as daddy told me to do and cleaned every bit of his and my cum off his cock.

My bratty domination of daddy often ended in these sorts of sessions. It was always fun for us both. I’ll have to tell you about more of them sometimes.

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