Sometimes a hot daddy daughter story is just what you need to take your horniness to the next level.

Boy, do I have a daddy daughter story for you. When I was a bit younger, I can recall many times teasing daddy. I’d walk around in nothing but a towel when I got out of the shower. A few times, I even “accidentally” let it fall off. His eyes roamed over me, and I saw the tent in his pants. I quickly grabbed the towel and dashed back to my room. I knew it affected him. Then, he’d stare at my hardened nipples under my tee-shirt. I’d bet he’d be wondering what those teen titties would feel like wrapped around his hard cock.

I was such a naughty girl having such thoughts about daddy! I’d seen him getting out of the shower too, and I knew daddy was hung. He had a beautiful cock, and I knew I wanted it. This is where our daddy daughter story began. One time, Daddy had a fever and was in bed, a little bit out of it, and I cared for him. I just wanted to make him feel better. So after his lunch, I brought him, he was drifting back off, and I did something naughty. I slipped my hand under the covers and started to give him a hand job. He was kind of out of it, as I said, and though he was dreaming.

I pumped his cock in my hand, and it was so big and so hard.

He called out his ex-girlfriend’s name, so I knew he was a bit delirious. I stroked him so good, and it didn’t take long for him to cum. He then finally drifted off, not really comprehending what happened. A few days later, when he was better, I asked him if he’d had any weird dreams. I was worried this daddy daughter story would go sour. He got an odd expression on his face, and he seemed a bit shy. I asked him if he’d dreamt about a hand job. He looked so startled, I giggled. I said, it wasn’t a dream, daddy. It was me. I wanted to make you feel good.

This daddy daughter story got a whole lot hotter after that little revelation. I left my door open that night a bit as I masturbated. I knew he’d walk by eventually and see me, and he did. Now that he knew I’d actually given him a hand job, he came in. He stood by the side of my bed, watching me touch myself. My pussy was wet and juicy, and he looked down as I stroked my fingers up and down my wet slit. I could see he was very hard in his pants. There was only the moonlight streaming in from the window, and I heard him unzip his pants.

I could see the tip glistening in the faint light coming in through the window.

Daddy didn’t get upset for this daddy daughter story. Instead, he stood next to my head, watching me, so turned on. He offered me the head of his cock to suck. How could I say no to daddy? Then, I opened my mouth and kissed the tip. Then, I licked the sweet precum that was starting to drip out of his pee hole. His hand went to the back of my head and pushed the length of his cock down my throat. I gagged a bit on it but took as much of him into my mouth as I could. He moaned with pleasure as I drooled on his dick and moved my lips up and down on him.

What a great way to continue our daddy daughter story. Then, I spread my legs for daddy, knowing he’d take it as a sign I wanted him inside of me. He climbed on the bed and knelt between my legs. He rubbed his cock head up and down my slick gash, teasing my stiff clit. Every pass of his prick on my nub sent shivers down my spine. Finally, he dipped the head in my wetness, and I told him to slide it in. It stretched my pussy as it went into me, causing me to moan. He filled me and started to thrust rhythmically into my pussy. I grabbed his round ass cheeks in my hands, pulling him as deep into me as I could get him.

It felt so wonderful, so right, to be fucking my dear daddy.

Then he nuzzled my neck and sucked at my nipples, making them hard. Finally, I wrapped my legs around him nice and tight. I could feel an orgasm building inside me, and I soon exploded on daddy’s hard shaft. My orgasm triggered him to shoot his load into me, and I felt his cum splashing inside my pussy. Oh, it was fantastic, having my daddy finally cum into me. I couldn’t wait for us to be together again. Our daddy daughter story is one of the best things that ever happened to me.

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daddy daughter story