I grew to love daddy’s belt after a while.

When I was younger, daddy’s belt hung on the back of the bathroom door. It was a sign to us if we misbehaved, it would be used on us, and it worked. There was a boy I really liked, though. Even the threat of the belt was not enough to make me not sneak off to see him. I’d often sneak down outside my window down the trellis against the house to go out after bedtime. I’d gotten away with it for months before I got caught. I got a bad surprise when I came back in through the window.

Daddy was sitting waiting for me on the edge of the bed. He had that belt in his hand and a mean look in his eye. He said he knew I’d been out spreading my legs like a slut for that boy. I couldn’t deny it; it was true. I just stared at the floor, afraid to speak. He ordered me to bend over the bed and hike my skirt up. I obeyed. Then, I felt my panties being pulled down, and I got six hard cracks of that belt across my firm ass. I didn’t say a word, and daddy told me I was bad for being a little slut like that. I knew to expect daddy’s belt.

Then, I felt his hand caress my red ass cheeks.

Then I felt his hand go down between my cheeks. He said his fingers could feel the wetness in my pussy. He knew. I was all wet and gooey from my boyfriend’s cum and my own that was still dripping out of me. He moved his fingers around and found my still stiff clit. He started to rub it, and I couldn’t deny it felt good. Then, I heard daddy’s belt unbuckling and his zipper sliding down. I knew he was going to fuck me from behind, with me still bent over the bed.

He slid into me easily with all the moisture. Then, he grunted as he popped the large head of his cock into me and began to thrust. I couldn’t believe my father was fucking me after whipping me with the belt. He reached underneath me and started to manipulate my clit again in his fingers. Then, I closed my eyes and just lost myself to the sensations. He kept calling me a slut and a whore, and a hot little piece of ass. He was enjoying me and humiliating me at the same time. I felt like a slut. I kept anticipating daddy’s belt.

Daddy’s slut beat by daddy’s belt.

He pumped his dick into me over and over, and I bit my lip to keep from crying out. Then, he made me cum on his cock, and he could feel my pussy cum. He belittled me over even that, making me feel dirty. He pulled out his cock and told me to get on my knees and take him in my mouth. I obeyed. He slapped me across the face with his wet cock. I opened my mouth and felt him ram it roughly down my throat. Then, I gagged on it. I moved my lips up and down his thick shaft, my mouth barely able to take a cock of that girth.

He put his hand on the back of my head and pushed it down, bringing tears to my eyes. I could feel my eyes watering, mascara running down my face. Daddy’s belt flopped against his hips as he continued to fuck my face. His balls were bouncing against my chin with every thrust he gave, his grunts becoming louder. I felt I would choke if the oral sex lasted much longer. “Move that tongue around the head of it, you little whore,” he demanded. I obeyed, and he moaned in appreciation of my efforts.

Then, I felt him stiffen, I looked up, and his eyes were slits looking down at me.

He loudly groaned and pulled his cock out of my mouth. I felt torrents of cum raining down on my face and running down my neck in rivulets. He told me I was a good little cocksucker and left me there in a cum covered heap. Then he left the room, and I collapsed there, speechless on the floor. He warned me not to sneak out again like that to fuck boys. I heard daddy’s belt clink against the bathroom door as he hung it back in place for the next punishment.

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daddy's belt