I did not know that my boyfriend was into face slapping sex.

Although, I am not surprised that he is into face slapping sex. My current boyfriend is a beta. He’s a great guy, loves to please. He really likes the women to do the taking charge in the bedroom. He surprised me last week when he asked how I felt about some face slapping sex. I laughed when he asked about it. He said seriously; he wanted me to slap him several times. It sounded more comical to me, but hey, I was game. So the night it happened, he asked me after dinner if I’d like to have sex that night.

I slapped him across the face at the question. When he said that he grew hard, I slapped him again. He was really into this whole face-slapping sex thing. We went into the bedroom, and I started to boss him around. I was tearing his clothes off and telling him to get on the bed. “Lay down with your head on the pillow,” I commanded of him. He obeyed me. I got up on the bed and smacked his face a few times. Then, I straddled his face and told him to lick me and make it good. I parked my pussy over his face. I soon felt his eager tongue go to work on my stiff clit and wet snatch.

He was a good pussy licker; I’ll give him that much.

After he made me cum from his tongue, I got off of him and said I was ready to fuck now. He was already hard as a rock and standing straight up at attention. I straddled his stiff prick and sank onto it, setting my pace to ride him. He moaned with pleasure as I bucked back and forth on him, my slippery pussy milking his hard shaft. I positioned myself, so my clit rubbed against his cock with every movement I made. He reached up and played with my breasts and toyed with my nipples.

Then, I reached out and slapped him. This face-slapping sex was fun. It had a real comical element to it that added some lightheartedness to our playtime. It wouldn’t have been nearly as funny if he was the one doing the slapping. I’d never have allowed it that way, but I’m happy to give him some abuse! I rose and fell on his cock, which throbbed inside of me. Occasionally I’d reach out and slap him, sometimes my long nails grazing his cheek, scratching him. He seemed to get even more aroused the worse I treated him.

Some truly are gluttons for punishments like face slapping sex.

He grabbed my ass, squeezing my ass cheeks and helping me rise and fall on his cock. I leaned back, resting my hands on his thighs behind me, just grinding my pussy onto his cock. I could feel another orgasm welling up inside of me. My wet cunt lips were wrapped around his cock, and the smell of sex filled the room. You could hear that squishy noise of a wet pussy sucking on a cock inside of her. The bedsprings creaked slightly with each heave of our bodies moving. It was quite sexy all around.

I bucked faster and faster and told him I was going to cum. He helped rock me back and forth, and I came explosively on his cock. I could feel his hot jets of cum squirting in me and washing the insides of my pussy. I reached out and gave him another few slaps for good measure. This face-slapping sex he’d wanted was a bit odd but had been fun to try. As long as I was the one in charge of things. I dismounted him and felt his cum gush out of my pussy. Then, he said he wanted to lick it up, so I laid on my back.

He got down between my thighs and slurped it up out of me, cleaning me up.

He made me cum yet again with his cream pie lick job. I felt exhausted after this most unusual night of aggressive lovemaking. He said it had been fun, and he thought he might have some bruises in the morning. Of course, from my having slapped him so many times. It will be fun seeing what excuses he comes up with to tell his coworkers and friends. I’m always happy to try new things.

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face slapping sex