The Eccentric Star With the Lipstick Fetish Wants More Than A Touch-Up!

You have to have a serious lipstick fetish to work as a makeup artist.  In fact, you must love makeup, have creative artistic passion, and love to make people look their best.  A true makeup artist will dream about makeup and do what is necessary to get ahead of the game!  Denise recounts this and many other sex stories.  My friend Denise loved makeup from a very young age.  When we played with our dolls she always wanted to apply makeup to make them shine.  So it was natural when I found out she went to school to study art, and even took a program to study Skin Care and makeup.

Denise struggled to find work.   Then she landed a gig to go do makeup on a small film set.  She came back from her first day with a lot of juicy gossip.  Apparently, this set was a movie set for adult movies.  She was told to report to Mark in his dressing room to get him ready for his shoot.  Denise applied his makeup expertly just like she was trained to do.  Denise loved wearing makeup as well and always loved wearing pretty lipstick.

I honestly thought Denise had a lipstick fetish as she had many colors in her collection.

The job was going well.  She would meet Mark before his shoot and apply his makeup.  He had an amazingly handsome face and was very easy to work on.  She flirted with him thinking this gesture was harmless.  She looked down to see his cock bulging in his pants.  He made an odd request of his sexy makeup artist.  He wanted to see her hot lips around his dick as a way to help get him ready.  She hesitated for a moment but didn’t want to cause a scene.  Denise knelt down and pulled down his pants.  His dick was massive.  The lucky girl who got to have this cock in her pussy!

For now, Denise was the lucky girl.  She took his monster into her mouth.  Her lipstick was smeared across her head.  This seemed to fuel him.  He asked her to touch up her lipstick and mark him with her lips.  Who knew a sexy man like Mark had a sexy lipstick fetish like her?  Denise coated her full sensuous lips with her red lipstick.  Her mouth took in his long dick and sucked with purpose.  She didn’t care that he forced his hand around her neck and choked her playfully or grabbed the back of her head to force his cock deeper down her throat.  For now, she was his little slut.  Denise had this big monster cock all to herself for now.  She couldn’t believe how fast his cock popped out, hard as a rock.

Denise fantasized about feeling that big prick inside of her on the film set all eyes and cameras on her!

Mark’s dick filled her mouth giving her little room to breathe.  Denise wanted this time to be the best she had ever done for a client!  Something told Denise this would be the smallest of her jobs with this sexy star.  Want to know what happened next?  Let’s role-play all of the nasty possibilities!


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