You came back for the rest of how I turned my brothers wife into a lesbian right?

Where did I leave off? Oh, she sucked the strapon while I licked her sweet lesbian, milf pussy. While licking that sweet older pussy she became super wet. It had a vibrating prong that went into my pussy from the strapon, so I felt charged pleasure from her sucking and I’m sure she could tell. I wouldn’t have guessed they young sister would pop in.

I didn’t hear the door but I did hear her little sister.

WTF are you doing? Brought both of us to attention and interrupted our play. I was so ready to see her take that strapon. Her sister Shan stood there with her hands on her hips and a stern stare. I sat there with a smirk on my face and my brothers’ wife had her head down.

Shan was mad! You’re married to her brother, what if everyone finds out, you like girls now? Oh boy, it all made head spinning. I was so turned on by it all I just wanted to finish what was interrupted. Shan is 5’2”, short dark hair cut into a sexy bob out, and is very prissy.  She is one of those perfect perky, in shape, sex magnets. She is a lesbian but committed.

I just asked her after not answering her question and her older sister stammering through her, are you ready to cheat?

Her room was across the hall and her girlfriend was in there sleeping from the wild night before. She looked stunned! She walked to the door in a rush and I instantly grabbed her arm and dared her. In her mind, she had to show that she didn’t want to be involved but she did.

All of that fuss stopped when her sister came behind me and started to stroke the strapon that I wore. Like I said she’s the oldest and usually shy but to take charge like that surprised her little sister Shan. While stroking the dildo she put her hand on her little sister shirt strap and pulled it down releasing her right titt from her shirt.

The smile on her face said it all.

It all flowed from that moment on other than Shan saying “don’t tell any fucking body”. I and her sister looked at each other like duh. I slowly led Shan’s older sister back to the bed and told her to lay on her stomach and guided the dildo inside of her. This woman acted as she had never had sex so good. It was kind of funny. I fucked her while watching Shan get naked and then walk over.

She stood over her sister so that I could lick that pussy of hers and it was just as good as her sisters. When my brothers’ wife starts to yell that she was going to cum Shan tells me to get up. Shan buries her face between her legs and licked deep and hard while Sherries legs went wild.

We spent 2 and ½ hours there having fun and more full the next day. We all talk every day and plan on another get together in about a week. My brothers’ wife says to me all the time that I’ve turned her on to pussy so much. Love when she sends me pictures of her playing with toys like it’s free phone sex.  Love more all of our hot phone sex and I get hear her sweet moans. Hahaha, like we’re two sexy phone sex operators

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