Y’all haven’t been seeing much of me because the holidays and let me tell you, I have accumulated some good experiences, one which is of lesbian play.

That’s apart of life anyway, to have as much fun as possible and gain all the experiences possible. Women are so sexy and lesbian play would happen with my brother wife at any moment.

Remember my brother that I love to have fun with?

I finally got to taste that sweet cunt of hers! It’s crazy how it happened too. We were sitting around in the hotel room that morning sipping on our coffee and talking about how great it was for everyone to come around for the holidays. The conversation then turned to sex because she wanted to know how I made a living. I have sissies and blackmail tributes and when you’re good like me and can bring excitement without fucking up their lifestyles they give gifts, money and stuff like that.

She asked me a bunch of questions about any and everything sexual.

She started telling me about how my brother is addicted to fetish phone sex, with a favorite phone sex operator of his and that his browser history shows that he loves toy-play and lesbian porn. Everyone knows me well enough to know that I said to go for it.

We got up and dressed to go out the door to the nearest sex shop, I know where the best ones are. I introduced her to butt plugs, strap-ons, lingerie, dildos. She really got excited to learn about the tasty lube and we both picked out some really nice shit.

Back at the room things started to heat up.

We easily spent over $800 on everything that we bought. First thing to do is put on a sexy outfit. I put on a Fusha and black lace and silk sling that barely covered my titts, with black heels, fishnet thigh highs and a short silky black robe.  She put on red silk push up bra with decorative beads on it, a red silk thong and black heels. That bitch made my mouth water and soon as she stepped out of the bathroom.

She didn’t embrace how good she looked though. She is older, about 30, huge double D titts, red long hair, long legs and in pretty great shape.

We sat on the bed and went through everything with the excitement of a child. What really caught her eye was the strapons and tasty oils. A few moments went by and she asked how she could spice things up with my brother.

Who could hold back any longer after that? Not me!

I got closer to her body and I told her to learn how to relax more and things will get better. I put a dab of oil on my finger and licked it, I then put another dab on my finger and put it to her mouth. My body shivered when she wrapped her slender sexy lips around my finger as sucked the oil off.  I asked if she has ever sucked and dick and her reply was that she does but isn’t good.

I took the strap-on and put it on and told her, “let’s practice”. Then I put more on the oil on the 8-inch strapon and guided her lips to the dildo and rimmed her mouth before she parted her lips and started sucking on the strapon. I was so fucking turned on that I reached down and started to massage titts, then her cunt.

Watching her suck that dildo made my lips quiver and I dived down and started on her sweet pussy. It tasted so fucking good.

You want to know the rest, don’t you? There’s a part two to all of this sexy fun. I’m her first and I pleased that sweet, now part lesbian cunt.

Do you have any secret or stories that you want to share? I’m the person to come too.

Come check me out, Giana 💋