I can’t believe people have the question of “where is the g spot”?

It is mostly women who are in “Wonderland” about it. There is sex everywhere in today’s world with a big lack of understanding of how to do it. Sex is so freaking beautiful when doing it in an amazing way with the end goal being to reach that climax. In most cases, no man can just stick his penis in a hole and hit the g spot. You have to have complete understanding of the g spot, especially since that’s the point of it when having sex.

A woman’s cunt is a special place that has different feeling points inside of it, as well as the outside too!! Big duh factor right there! A woman’s cunt starts to get stimulated from just the thought of doing something that brings pleasure to here sweet place. Yet there is that one spot that will make her pussy explode.

When hitting the spot just the right way, that pussy just might squirt for you, neat to know, huh? There are so many toys that tailor to the thoughts of woman’s cunts and the satisfaction that we try to receive with most made just for the g spot to give it the direct pleasure.

I’ve seen those toys that are curved at the top and usually, they are short and vibrate. There’s even a g-spot toy and with that, it’s not guaranteed to hit the g spot at all.

I have a theory that crazy women don’t know where the g spot is.

It makes sense to me, hahaha. Women who have that spot hit just right seem more calm and balanced. It’s sad to say some women can’t even find their spot and end up “angry fucking” their cunts with dildos. All of that just to get frustrated in search of that level of satisfaction.

Now I’m not saying total happiness of any woman relies on only orgasmic pleasures. If you know how to achieve that explosive excitement then that makes any woman happier and able to have reached her most sensual pleasures.  This is why they refer to that spot as the glory spot or the great spot.

Now on the finding the g spot.

Whether you’re with a partner or doing some self-exploration the key is to relax because the g spot isn’t in the same area on everyone. It is something like a personal marker which makes finding it yourself a great activity. It’s best to lay back and relax and only to only use your pointer and middle finger.

Now, if you’re the partner finding her spot start slowly inserting your fingers and massaging them at the same time on the upper portion of the vagina. If you’re exploring your own vagina then basically follow the same directions as above. You’ll just have to reach and love the feeling of your own sweet delight.

The g spot isn’t the far in even though some people oddly think that it is.. It will be from 1 to 3.5 inches in and feels sort of bumpy. It definitely feels different than the other areas of the vagina. Once you find that “gateway to ecstasy”, be careful of how loud the screams will be.

I’ll give you one special tip.

If you want to reach that spot during sex the best position I know from experience is the cowgirl position. Don’t just bounce up and down on the dick either. The key to massaging the sweet spot just right is to rotate those hips on that cock. Go all of the way down, balls deep, and thrust your hips back and forth. Thank me later or you can go right ahead and thank me now, Hahaha!

I hope I am able to help with this subject matter. Do you want to listen to me play with mine during a session of hot phone sex with this sexy phone sex operator? Don’t forget to check out my other blogs for some real, sexy goodness.


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